Customer Item Purchase Report


Operations Reporting → ("Reports" section) Customer Item Purchase


The "Customer Item Purchase" report generates a summary of the items purchased by each customer within a given time period. It also breaks the information down by regular vs auto order sales of the item. For each item there is a detailed page which shows the sales detail for the given item by email.

Running the Report

To run the report, you'll enter the time period for the report into the "From" and "To" fields (format MM/DD/YYYY) then click the "Generate Report" button.

This report is schedule-able

To schedule an automated report that is emailed to one or more email addresses, select the "Schedule report checkbox.
You'll then be presented with the report scheduler form:


Report Pickup

Upon running the report you may encounter the following message about navigating to the report pickup area to download the compeleted report:

Downloading the Report from Report Pickup

Report Pickup

The generated report will stay in the report pickup for 30 days or until deleted by the user.

View of the Downloaded Report

The first worksheet (first tab) of the report will display the items purchased during the period with a breakdown of the regular (one-time) and auto order rebills for the  item during the period. This tab does not display the customers, the customers are detailed in the subsequent worksheets in the spreadsheet.

Each subsequent worksheet represents an item that was purchased during the period and displays a list of each customer that purchased the item:

Frequently asked Questions

Question: Does the "Customer Item Purchase Report" exclude or include partial refunds and / or full refunds?

Answer: The item subtotal column does reflect item level refunds.