Understanding Period Sales reports and refund reporting


The Period sales report is your primary report for seeing an overview of the order activity in your account.

There are two version of the Period Sales report: Current Period Sales & Custom Period Sales.

Current Period Sales

The routine will display the sales activity for the month-to-date.  The only interaction required of you is to click the "Current Period Sales" link from the Reporting Menu.  Filtering data is not a part of this report.

After clicking the "Current Period Sales" link, the following screen will appear:

Custom Period Sales

The customer period sales report is the more comprehensive version of the report, in that it allows you to choose the begin and end date for the report as wel as proving addtional filtering options for the report. See Custom Period Sales report for more details.

Report Sections

The Current Period Sales report contains the following sections:

  1. Summary (shows the gross sales amounts, refunds have not been deducted from these amounts)
  2. Credit Cards (breakdown of sales by card type)
  3. Pricing Tiers (will show breakdown of sales for each pricing tier. If you have no pricing tier sales, it will display the non pricing tier "retail sales")
  4. Items (Items sold during the reporting period)
  5. Shipping/Handling
  6. Sales Tax by State
  7. Sales Tax by State / County
  8. Sales Tax by State / County / City
  9. Sales By Day
  10. Refunds (Original Order During this Period)
  11. Refunds (Refund During this Period)

When generating a Period Sales report (Current or Custom versions) there will be two sections in the report about refunds as explained below.

The are two refund sections in the period sales reports

Refunds (Original Order During this Period)

This refund section represents orders placed and refunded during the period of the report.

Refunds (Refund During this Period)

This one represents refunds during this period even though the original order was from a previous period. This is meant to give you a idea of the true results of the sales of your products, but is not a representation of the refunds specific to the reporting period.

Sales Tax by State

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