The Configuration Menu

UltraCart configuration covers all of the settings related to your online store. From this menu, you can configure your company information, your checkout settings, customize the look & feel of your cart, and set up your UltraCart back office system for your business. You can visit the Configuration section by navigating to:

Main Menu Configuration

Summary of the Configuration Areas

The configuration screen consists of nine sections. They are covered in detail later in this chapter. The following is a brief description of each.

Option NameDescription
Account and Users

Use this section to configure your basic merchant profile, view billing and invoice information regarding your account, and manage users and permissions.
(Merchants with multiple UltraCart accounts can also manage linked accounts.)


These options affect the core checkout process of your store. Use this section to configure the checkout experience of your online store. You can configure advertising sources, shipping methods & tax rates, return policy, accepted payment methods, customer profiles, single page checkout and much more.

Core Checkout:

Advanced Options


Development related configuration for:



Call Centers

Channel Partners




Order Management

These options contract order management within your UltraCart account:

  • Accounts Receivable Retry
  • Auto Order Processing
  • Chargeback Processing
  • Exporting Orders
  • Old Order Handling
  • Order Retention
  • Printable Documents
  • Report Delivery
Email Notifications

With these options you can dictate when and how you communicate via email with your customers. These options affect communication with your customers. Configuration of actual email content is done within your StoreFront.


Configuration of item related settings.