This is a glossary of UltraCart specific terminology and phrases.

This page is a work in progress. It's new as of October 2012. As we encounter terms and phrases in our documentation, we'll enter them here. If you did not find something, please use the Feedback button at the bottom to notify us. Thanks.

Word or Phrase


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Accounts Receivable

An UltraCart screen where orders may be reviewed, edited, and possibly rejected before passing the order to your payment gateway.

Accounts Receivable
Home → Order Management → Accounts Receivable

Allocate to POTypically PO stands for Purchase Order, but in the case of the Inventory Update Area, "Allocate to PO" means Allocate to Placed Order.

Item Management
Home → Item Management → Inventory Update

Auto Order

An UltraCart Item Configuration that permits a merchant to process multiple authorizations by the same customer either as multiple payments for a fixed amount or recurring billings (Auto Order) for varying amounts. This is also known in other circles as recurring, recurring billing, continuity, membership, subscription, etc.

Auto Order Tab
Item Management → Item Configuration → Item Editor → Auto Order Tab

Back End Order Entry (BEOE)

UltraCart's Back End Order Entry (BEOE) system is designed to allow merchants to enter orders directly into their Back Office System without going through their normal Web Store purchasing processes. This system gives you the opportunity to take direct orders for your products by phone, email or call-taker service.

Back End Order Entry
Order Management


from wikipedia:

In the process of authoring computer software, its standards or documentation, deprecation is a status applied to software features to indicate that they should be avoided, typically because they have been superseded. Although deprecated features remain in the software, their use may raise warning messages recommending alternative practices, and deprecation may indicate that the feature will be removed in the future. Features are deprecated--rather than immediately removed--in order to provide backward compatibility, and give programmers who have used the feature time to bring their code into compliance with the new standard.


Firebug is a web browser extension/add-on that is used for web development and troubleshooting. Key features are:

  • Inspect HTML and modify style and layout in real-time
  • Use the most advanced JavaScript debugger available for any browser
  • Accurately analyze network usage and performance
  • Extend Firebug and add features to make Firebug even more powerful
  • Get the information you need to get it done with Firebug.




Return Email

Return Email feature (aka Abandon Sale Recovery) allows you to configure UltraCart to automatically send a very personalized email to the customer if they abandon their shopping cart. UltraCart will also generate a unique link in the email that will take the customer back to the shopping cart with all of their items pre-populated. A discount coupon that you have already created will automatically be applied. Viola, you saved a sale! 


→Return Email

Screen Branding

A set of configuration pages where Look & Feel can be created and applied to the checkout process. Multiple themes can be created.

These are also known in other systems as : skins, skinning, Look and Feel, etc.

Screen Branding Themes
Screen Branding Tutorials
Home → Configuration → Screen Branding Themes\

TokenizationTokenization is the process whereby you send the card number to the gateway and they give you back a token to store.
So it's a method of credit card processing that reduces PCI related risk.
Stripe Gateway Integration