Tasks creates a list of actions that a user needs to complete. The tasks can be for individual users as well as groups of users. Tasks apply to actions on orders that are in various order locations requiring some sort of follow up actions, including:

  1. Accounts Receivable

  2. Order Processing

  3. Fraud Review

Tasks Overview page

To view tasks, click the tasks button in the main left-hand menu:


Tasks (Main Menu)
(Main Menu)

You’ll see a overview of all tasks from here:


Tasks - Overview
Tasks - Overview


From the overview, you can take action on individual tasks as well as batch edit or mark as complete.


Select the checkbox(es) of the tasks you wish to take action on, for either marking as complete or to perform a batch edit. The top checkbox is the select all, otherwise select the individual checkboxes for the tasks you wish to take action upon.

Task Overview Filters

In addition, can filter to tasks on the following filters:










Batch Edit Dialog Window

You can batch edit tasks. Select the tasks using the checkbox on the lefthand side then click the ‘Batch Edit’ button, you’ll be presented with a dialog window, from which you can make assignments to user(s) and groups, set priority, set status, assign a due date and expiration date:



Adding Tasks

Tasks can be added manually as well as automatically based upon defined rules.

Manually Viewing and Adding Tasks

To add and view your tasks manually, you'll click the the Tasks button that will appear at the top right side of the page in the areas that tasks can be assigned.

Clicking the tasks button will open a dialog window that will contain a ‘Add task’ button:


Next, you’ll enter the task details into the Task Editor:



After saving the new Task, the confirmation dialog window will show the new task:


The Task button will be updated to reflect the open task for the user:



Clicking on an active task from the task button will open the task editor. The task can be edited as well as marked as completed:


The Task will have a checkmark in the task button dialog window indicating it as completed:



Automating Tasks with Rules

In addition to adding tasks manually, tasks can be automated via rules.