Batch Order Operations

Batch Order Operations

The batch order operation tools allows you to quickly perform common operations on a batch of orders. 

There are two sections to the Batch Order Operations:

  1. Order ID (Various means of selecting Order IDs)
  2. Batch Operations

Order IDs

There are three options to identify the orders to operate on:

  1. Enter the order IDs one by one in the field provided. 
  2. Enter a starting and stopping Order ID and UltraCart will find all the orders that fall within that range.
  3. Specify Date Field as (PAYMENT , CREATION, SHIPMENT) and a Start and End date range.

Preview Selected Orders

The preview selected order IDs button will allow you to see the range of order Ids that the tool will be acting upon.  It's a good idea to preview the order ids that it will act on before performing the actual operation.


There are a variety of operations currently available in the batch order operations tool.  The table below shows the available operations and provides a brief description of what they do.




Associates all the orders to a particular affiliate.  You can enter either the numeric ID for the affiliate or their email address.  This will remove the commission if it is associated with a different affiliate.

AppendAppend merchant note to selected orders
Cancel auto order(s)Cancels the auto orders associated with the original order ids.
Chargeback 911Transmits orders to Chargeback 911
Cost of Goods SoldBackfill cost of goods sold on orders.
DigitalReset digital download link and trigger sending of email notification of the new download link.


Exports the selected orders using the mapping.  Mappings are configured under Export Settings.

Fullyrefund the specified order ids.    NOTE: (Does not support range criteria).

Mark as export to QuickBooks

Marks the orders as already being exported to QuickBooks so that UltraBooks does not attempt to re-download them


Move completed orders back to the Shipping Department (Optional: Move to Distribution Center)

Queueorders for QuickBooks Online

Refund mark externally refunded

Records the orders as having been "externally refunded". (Reflect a refund to the order but do not communicate refund to gateway.)

Resend XML post-back

Re-sends the XML post-backs.  This process is asynchronous and this tool is only queuing up the work for the system to do.

Reset exported to QuickBooks

Resets the exported to QuickBooks flags.  The orders will be downloaded by UltraBooks the next time it runs.

SetAllows you to set the value on custom fields 1 - 7
TaxJarTransmit (or re-transmit) selected orders to TaxJar.
WebhooksWill resend webhook event selected.


Deletes the order from the system.

Rejected order versus deleted orders

Deleted is a permanent action. We recommend that you only delete test orders. Use the "reject order" for all other situations. Reject will change the "state or status" to Rejected which prohibits the order from statistical reporting but is still a searchable record in the system.