Loyalty Program


The new UltraCart Loyalty System allows you to setup a loyalty program where your customer(s) can earn points based on the purchases they make. Your customer can then use these points to receive discounts in the form of coupons or gift certificates on future purchases. The configuration has three basic areas for now: Tiers, Rewards, and Campaigns. We will go over each section below in more detail.

To setup the Loyalty progam, navigate to:

Main Menu → Configuration → Checkout → Loyalty

Below is the page you will see when you first navigate to the Loyalty page.  We will go into more detail about each section below.

General Setting

Field NameDescription
ActiveEnable the Loyalty Program to be active.
Reward TypePoints or Cash
Points Per DollarThe number of points the customer will earn for each dollar they spend.
Signup PointsThe number of points the customer will earn just for signing up for the loyalty program.
Vesting Points

The number of days before the points become available for the customer to us.

Loyalty Tiers

Allows you to setup different loyalty tiers for customer so that one group can earn more points or have different rewards. Simply click on the "Add Loyalty Tier" button to be taken to the setup page as shown below. This section will look different based on the Reward type. Below is an example of both types.



Field NameDescription
NameThis is will be the name for the tier that is created.
Default TierDetermines if this tier is the Default or not.  All new customers will start with the Default Tier.
Points Per DollarThe number of points the customer will earn for each dollar they spend.
Cashback RateThe percentage of the customer order they will get back as cashback / gift card.
Vesting DaysThe number of days before the points become available for the customer to use.
Qualify at Purchase Amount

Customer will qualify for this tier when their purchase amount exceeds this dollar amount.

*This is an accumulative threshold 

Qualify at Purchase Within

Customer will qualify for this tier if they have a purchase within this number of days.

*This is an accumulative threshold 

Qualify At Purchase of ItemThe customer will only receive points / cash if they purchase the item listed.
Pricing TierThe customer is assigned to this pricing tier when they qualify for the reward tier.


Allows you to setup the different rewards a customer can earn using the points they have earned. 

This only applies to reward points. You will not see this section if you are using the Cashback method.

Field NameDescription
ActiveDetermines if this reward is active or not.
Reward TypeCan currently set the reward type of Coupon or Gift Certificate
Reward PointsThe number of points needed to redeem this reward.
DescriptionThe Description the customer will see for this reward.
Gift Cert. Amount / Coupon Code Depending on the reward type, the customer will either receive a coupon code or a gift certificate amount.
Gift Cert. Exp. / Coupon Exp. DaysThe number of days the customer has before this reward expires. *Optional.

Customer View in My Account Customer Portal

The customer can view their accrued Loyalty Rewards points by logging into their My Account Customer Portal customer profile.

The process of a customer claiming and using a loyalty reward is:
  1. The customer logs into the "My account, Customer portal"
  2. They click on 'Loyalty Reward' in the My Account menu
  3. They will see a summary of the 'Current Points' and also 'Points needed for next reward'. Available rewards appear just below the points summary section.
  4. If there are available rewards appearing, the customer will click the 'Claim Reward' button.
  5. The claimed reward will appear in in the next section 'Claimed Rewards'
  6. The customer can begin the shopping with the coupon by clicking on either the coupon description or coupon code (they are both hyperlinked), which will apply the coupon to the cart for immediate shopping/redemption. (Alternatively, they can copy the code and enter it into the apply coupon field in the shopping cart checkout.)

StoreFront Theme

You must be running an update to date StoreFront Visual Builder based theme such as Element, Hero, Lifty, Jewel, Poppy or Natural VB or Native.  The MyAccount loyalty functionality is not present in non-visual builder themes like MrTeas.

Ledger Entries in the Customer Profile Editor

Please note that since this is a ledger, there isn't a delete option, you’ll enter either positive or negative entries to make adjustments to a customers' cashback or points totals.

The location of the ledger entry differs for Cashback and Points programs, se below for details.

Loyalty Cashback Ledger Entry

The Ledger Entry tool allow for manual adjustments to the customer profile Loyalty / Cashback ledger


Q: How can we cancel a credit that has been applied to a customers' cashback ledger?
A: To cancel a credit to a customer profile:

  1. Navigate: Operations → Customer Profiles → Manage

  2. Find the customer profile and click edit

  3. Click on the Accounting/Tracking tab

  4. Scroll down and use the "New Ledger Entry" section.
    (Note: The amount should be entered as a negative amount to reduce their balance and as a positive to increase their cashback balance.)

Loyalty Points Ledger Entry

For Loyalty points programs, the ledger resides in the Loyalty Program configuration page, not in the customer profile editor.

Main Menu → Configuration → (middle menu) Checkout → (Second section) Loyalty

Click 'Transactions' to access Loyalty Points ledger.

The global ledger is displayed. You can use the filter to filter on the following:

  1. Email Address
  2. OrderID
  3. Item
  4. Description

To enter a new transaction, click the 'new Transaction' button.

Field (*Required)Description
Description*Enter a short description of the ledger entry.
Email*Customer Email Address
Order IDOrderID, if applicable to a specific order
Item IDItemID, if applicable to a specific item
Loyalty Points*Enter a positive value or negative points, depending upon the desired adjustment
Timestamp Date/ Time*

Enter a date and time.

If you want the points to be immediately available, backdate according to the number of vesting days you have configured for your point program, other wise enter the current date.


Campaigns allow you to setup specials where customers can earn extra points or cashback from purchases made during a set time period or for a specific set of items. For example; Black Friday sales.

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