Service Plan

The Service Plan screen allows you to view billing activity regarding your UltraCart account.


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user permission required

In order to view the the Service Plan page you must be logged into UltraCart with a user login that has the "Edit Service Plan" user permissions. If you encounter a 'permission denied' type message, then you'll need to do one of the following:

  1. edit your user (if you have the "edit users" permission) or
  2. contact the owner or admin user on your account to have them modify your user permissions.

Please Note: The UltraCart monthly Service billing notifications are sent to each user that has the "Edit Service Plan" user permission.

The Service Plan page consists of 4 parts: Basic Account, Billing Credit Card, Billing Activity and Other Options (Close & Reopen) Account.

Basic Account

Your account type is determined by the features used, along with the gross sales during each billable period. Trial accounts will be provided details regarding the number of trial days remaining.  Click here to view UltraCart Pricing.

Billing Information

The Billing information section will display the card on file for the account, the next and last months billing date, along with the last charge and any remaining balance on the account.

The Billing Credit Card section  consists of the fields to enter (and update) the credit card details provided to process the UltraCart service charges.

To update the billing credit card, update the billing name and billing address details, then in the section below that enter in the new credit card number, expiration and security (CVV) code. Click save to save the changes.

  • To access the service plan page, your user login must have the "Edit Service Plan" permission.
  • All users that have the "Edit Service Plan" permission will receive billing and payment notifications.

How To Update The Credit Card On file

HomeConfiguration → Account

To update you credit card on file for your UltraCart billing, navigate to the Account page. Then click on the current card on file for the account.

When you are done updating any information simply click the save button at the bottom of the page.

Billing Activity

The Billing activity section provides a line item breakdown of the UltraCart service charges including basic service plan fees, premium service fees (including digital delivery storage and bandwidth calculated at the end of each billable cycle), integration fees, setup fees, Premium Support fees, etc. 

If you have billing questions, this is the first place to look. You can view this information by clicking on the "Last Charge" amount within the Billing Information section.

Descriptions For Common Billing Line Items

Common Billing Line Items

  • Basic Pricing
  • Premium Service fees (see bottom section of pricing page)
  • Google Product Search fees
  • Order retention fees beyond one year
  • Channel Partner Integrations
  • Professional Services & Pro Support payments: Account Setup Packages, Custom Checkout, Catalog setup, Web Development
  • Declined card processing fee (a $1.00 processing fee is assessed for each declined transaction)
  • Fraud Score Checks $0.01 per card check (See: Fraud Prevention)

Merchant Profile

Merchant Profile allows you to specify very important information about your Company. This information is used throughout UltraCart so please be sure that it is correct and up-to-date.

To edit these settings simply click on any one of the options to open the profile page as shown below.

Field details

Information needed
CompanyEnter your Company Name - This is also your account name in UltraCart
Store URLEnter your Store URL (web site) using an absolute URL
Zip/Postal CodeEnter your Postal Zip Code
State/ProvinceEnter your State or Province
CountryEnter your Country from the drop-down menu

When you have finished entering your information, click the save button to save your changes & return to the main Configuration menu.

Regional Settings

Merchant Profile allows the merchant to set their personal preference for weight measurements (pounds or kilograms) and distance measurements (inches or centimeters). 

To edit these setting simply click on any one of the options to open the edit page as shown below.

Use the "drop-down" menu to choose your setting in each category. Click the "Save" button to return to the Account page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can UltraCart provide us an invoice for our monthly service?

Answer: UltraCart does not generate invoices for the monthly service billing. Instead, UltraCart sends out a billing email notification to each user on the account that has the "Edit Service Plan" user permission enabled. In addition, the last 6 months of billing line items are listed in the Service Plan page. Upon request, UltraCart can provide a spreadsheet containing your accounts complete billing history.

Question: Does UltraCart provide alternative payment option to Credit Cards, such as PayPal or by Paper Check?

Answer: UltraCart requires a credit card on file for service billing. However, if there is an extenuating circumstance (like the hacked credit card) requiring a temporary solution, prepayments of 6 months or 12 months, via Paypal may be accepted. In order to arrange your prepayment please email

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