This section describes the UltraROI (Return On Investment) system.


This feature is now considered legacy and has been removed from the new UI.


UltraROI is a suite of tools developed by UltraCart to assist in tracking effectiveness.

  • Effectiveness of Affiliates
    • Visits
    • Orders
    • % Conversion
    • Payout comparison versus trials and products
  • Effectiveness of Ad Campaigns
    • Click count
    • Orders
    • Sales vs. Cost
    • Profit
  • Effectiveness of Multivariate Tests
    • % of Traffic
    • Avg Sales Value
    • Avg Visitor Value
    • % Conversion
    • % Bounce
    • % Cascade
    • Page Views

Getting Started

To use any area of UltraROI, you must first create a client. The client is nothing more than a logical grouping of your data for collection and reporting. Most merchants only need one client, and they're simple to create.
Navigate to:

Home → UltraROI

Click on the new button and provide a name. The name doesn't matter, so just choose 'UltraCart'. It's an internal name that will never been seen by anyone.
When finished, you'll see your client with a set of buttons next to them. The buttons are explained in detail below.

After creating your client, associate it with your Screen Branding Theme. Linking your UltraROI with your theme will allow UltraCart to track customer purchases seamlessly and without extra effort from you.

  1. Go to HomeConfigurationScreen Branding Themes.
  2. Click on your theme.
  3. Click on the Conversion and Tracking Tab.
  4. Scroll down and look for UltraROI Client ID near the bottom of the Supported Conversion Pixels section.

Tracking Code

After creating a client and configuring your screen branding theme, the remaining piece of tracking will be to install tracking scripts on all other pages outside the control of screen branding.
Click on the tracking code button for your client and copy the appropriate script to your web pages.

There are two scripts. One with an activity ID and one without. The activity ID is an optional parameter if you desire to track a conversion percent on a event other than an order. For example, a sign up of some sort. To use the activity ID, you would place the tracking code without it on all of your web pages, and then place the script with the parameter at the point where the event has happened. Think of it along the lines of a conversion tracking pixel. The activity ID can be any phrase you desire.

The scripts use document.write for maximum portability, so include them inside your body tag. At the bottom is the best place. Do not place them in the head or use the async attribute with them. Don't worry, they're fast scripts.

IP Exclusion

After you finish testing, you may desire to exclude certain ip address from the results to avoid skewing reports with test data. The IP exclusion screen will allow you to do just that. It's an optional feature that exists for your convenience.

Client Operations

Affiliate Network Tracking

Generic Ad Tracking

Multivariate Testing

Support Tools

Debugging a session

Order Traffic

Disable ROI


To disable UltraROI, click the "Service Plan" link located in the UltraROI Clients section, then enter a zero "0" (without the quotes) into the blocks field then click the save button.