Email Notifications


Configuration Email Notifications


These options affect communication with your customers. This section can be viewed in two ways: Basic and Advanced.

You'll find the buttons to change from Basic to Advanced or Advanced to Basic in the upper right corner of the screen.  In the following example, Basic is selected.

If you are using Storefronts please see the following documentation, Changing an email template, for additional help

Let's start with the basic view.

Basic View

This view only contains one option for Email Templates. This feature is used to configure the different emails that can be sent to your customers based on the number of items they have purchased.

Advanced View

This section contains several options in regards to emails for your customer and for configuring your own email server to send those emails.

Email AddressesUltraCart allows you to have receipts sent through your own email server so they come from your address instead of from the standard email addresses.
Email Form WizardUltraCart provides a simple way for you to receive form submissions from your website and have them emailed directly to you.
Email TemplatesThe UltraCart platform is configured to send emails on your behalf in response to customer events.
Wholesale Signup/Approval NotificationThis is the template that UltraCart will use to send e-mail messages to your wholesale customer after they signup and when they are approved.

By default, the Receipt and Shipment Notification emails will be sent to the customer from