Changing an email template


TODO:  How to find the email templates.  How to edit and save them.  How to preview them.


Here are the steps for changing the web address of your store.

  1. From the StoreFronts page, click on the Emails tab.

  2. Next, click on the email template *.vm file that you wish to edit:

  3. Upon selecting the template you wish to edit, the template source code will be displayed in the right side panel:

  4.  In this example, we are editing the receipt email template to add a section titled "additional notes" that will include a item specific inclusion of a note regarding a coupon that the customer can use on a future purchase of our Tea Set, if they have purchased a bag of black tea. We will add these lines into the template at lines 57-61 of the template source:

    Additional Notes

    #if( $order.isPurchased('cupoftea'))
    Your purchase of a bag "Black Tea" has earned you a coupon for 20% of our teas set. Please use the following coupon code on your next order by entering "20offTeaSet" during your checkout!

  5. To preview your changes, click the "Save and Preview" button:

Quick Video: