Locking your Storefront Host

Locking Your Storefront Makes it Private

The "Lock Your Store" button allows you to make your storefront unbrowsable except when users are logged into the UltraCart backend,
or individuals that you provide the temporary password to:

After clicking the "Lock Your Store" and confirming the initial dialog windows, you'll see a red bar along the top of the page like this:

How to Navigate to Locked Storefronts

Only unlocked storefronts appear in main menu

Locked storefronts will not appear in the Main Menu > Storefronts pop-out menu. If you wish to unlock a locked storefront
navigate to an active storefront then in the drop-down menu that appears at the top of the storefronts "General" tab you can select any
of the storefronts, whether they be locked or unlocked:

Viewing the Locked storefront when logged into the UltraCart Backend

AFTER completing the Lock you'll see the following special note when browsing the store (if logged in to your account).

The note will appear in the top right corner of the page displaying a password that can be shared with others in order to view the page:

Viewing the Locked storefront when NOT logged into the UltraCart Back end

If anyone attempts to browse the storefront in a browser than its not logged into UltraCart back end, they'll see the following:

Allowing someone to view the locked storefront by logging in with a temporary password

In order to allow someone temporary access to view the locked storefront, you'll direct them to the following URL.

...to be continued