Creating a submenu


This document will explain how to add a submenu to the menu structure of your storefront. 

Step 1 - Accessing the "Menus" section of the Storefront

Click on 'Menus':

Upon clicking on 'Menus', the menus to your storefront will appear to the right of the storefronts menu:

Step 2 - Creating a Submenu

There are two options for creating a sub menu:

  1. Making an existing menu choice a submenu choice of another existing menu choice.
  2. Creating a new submenu choice from scratch.

From Existing Menu Choices

The first method is a simple process of clicking on the menu choice that you wish to make as the submenu choice and then dragging it on top of the menu choice that it should become the submenu choice. For example, let's say you prefer to display the "Wholesale Signup" as a submenu to the "Account Login" menu choice. Simply click on the "Wholesale Signup" menu choice and drag it directly on top of the "Account Login" menu choice then let go, and the menu will appear like so:

Storefronts-MakeSubmenu form Existing Menu choice.mp4

From a new menu choice

The other method of creating submenu's to your storefront menus is to create a new one from scratch. For example, let's say you just added some new tea choice of "Matcha" to your selection of teas.  To do so scroll down the list of menus to the "Header" menu then click on the icon that appears as a plus symbol and a series of lines ("it will show "add child" when you mouse over it.) 

After clicking "Add Child", you'll see the following:

You'll need to configure the title for the new submenu item. the defaulted selections for the "Link Type" and "Page" are pre-selected based on the configuration of the menu choice the submenu was created under. After we save the new title as "Matcha" the menu will now appear like this: