Access Requirement

NOTE: Only users with the "Edit Users" permission will have access to the users configuration page. The initial configured (first created) user is automatically granted the "Edit Users" permission. All other users must be specifically given this permission before they will be able to access this area.

User Introduction

The User configuration screen consists of two sections the Owner User section and the Regular User section.

Owner User

This user identifies the Owner of the Ultracart account. This user also has over all control of the account and the other users of the account.

Owner User

Caution: If an Owner is leaving the account, for whatever reason, the Owner must assign another user as Owner.

The individual that completed the signup wizard effectively became the OWNER of the account.
The owner is the only user that can:

  • Edit the owners account
  • Relinquish ownership to another user that represents the owner of the account.

Change Account Owner

If you need to change the owner of an account first login as the owner user. Then click on:

On the user page you will see the list of regular users below the owner. Next to each regular user is a Make Owner button. Click that button (shown below in red square) next to the user you wish to make the new owner.

Forced Change of Ownership 

Sometimes the ownership must be changed to a new user and the current Owner is either unable or unwilling to voluntarily transfer the Owner User to the new Owner User.  In this case, UltraCart will require that the new Owner submit (usually through email) proof of ownership of the company.

Regular Users

A regular user is simply any other user on the account that is not the owner.

There is no limit on the number of users that can be configured, however, the number of configured users affects which service plan the account uses.

It is best to create a new user for any person that needs access into the account.

User notes

  • The general rule is to limit user permissions to their role in the organization. This not only helps to keep roles understood, but it also prevents users from committing errors in areas where they are not trained.
  • Each user should have a valid email address on file that they have direct access to. There might be times they need to respond to "IP Address activation" receive reset passwords, receive emails from UltraCart support and more. 
  • The "Edit User" permission is one that you should take particular care in granting. Like an "Admin User" in other systems, this user permission grants access to adding and editing users. They may grant themselves access to any part of the system. 

Add and Delete Users

To add a new user, click on the "add" button at the top of the Regular Users section.

To DELETE an existing user, click on the "delete" button next to the user you would like to remove from the account. Caution! You cannot UNDO this action. 

Only Users with "Edit Users" permissions can create, edit or delete a User. A User cannot delete themselves.

Edit an Existing User

To edit an existing user, simply click on the "edit" button next to the user you would like to edit.

When the edit screen displays, notice the password field is completely blank. For security purposes, UltraCart never displays passwords. To change the user's password enter a new password and repeat the new password in the confirmation field. If you do not wish to change a user's password, you may leave this field blank. 

Support personnel cannot see nor change your password. In cases of denied access (incorrect credentials during log-in for example), a password reset email containing a temporary password can be sent to the email address recorded for that user.


User Configuration Screen

Users Sharing a Single Login

Individuals cannot share user accounts simultaneously. Attempting to share the user login with multiple people will result in your login session being timed out by the next person logging in. Sharing accounts is a bad idea.

PCI requirements dictate that each person on the system should have their own login to an account and logins can not be simultaneously shared. So if another person logs in with the same credentials, it will invalidate the first person's session (knock them off). Therefore, owners should create an individual user account for every single person that is accessing UltraCart, giving only the necessary permissions to each user. There are no additional fees for additional users.

Suggested User Configuration

User configuration Tips

  • Most users do not need access to the configuration or reporting sections of the system.
  • Creating a user as" customer service" to avoid an individual's name appearing on correspondence with customers is a good idea. 
  • Only provide the permission that the specific user requires to do there job. Permission like "edit users" and "delete orders" should be enabled only for the admin or owner users. 

You should enable the least possible permission and instruct the user to contact you if they encounter a "permission denied" type message when attempting access. You can then assess whether they need access and then adjust the permission accordingly.