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Closing your UltraCart account

UltraCart does not monitor account or user(s) activity!  Therefore, it is imperative that merchants take the appropriate action to close their account when they've decided to do so.  Billing is automatic and will occur on a monthly basis as long as the account is in the "open" status.

Service Plan Screen

The closing of an account takes place on the Service Plan screen. 

To discontinue your UltraCart account, Log into your account and navigate to:

Main Menu  Configuration   Account    Scroll to bottom of the page.

Scroll to the bottom of the Service Plan screen to locate the Other Options section.

UltraCart provides a reminder at the bottom of this screen that we bill in arrears and how billing will occur upon closing the account.

Close the account

UltraCart support personnel do not close accounts!  Per the terms and conditions of service, merchants are required to close their account themselves.

To close the account, select the "Deactive Account" button, where you'll be presented with the Cancellation Feedback questionaire.

Please take a minute to complete the questionnaire.

Confirm Closing

It's also recommended that you return to the Account page to confirm the closing of the account. To confirm, click on the balance in the Billing Information section opf the page.

There will be a date stamp (in the Billing Activity section) thus recording the account as closed and listing the user taking the action.

It is recommended that you print a copy of the Billing Activity page for your permanent record. Below is an example of how the bottom section of the Service Plan page will look after the account has been closed.

Final Billing Details

Please note that UltraCart service is billed in arrears meaning that when a payment is recorded it is for the previous months service.

If you discontinue service, UltraCart will automatically finalize the billing
on your account for the open service period (the billing period will be displayed directly below the closed account checkbox).

UltraCart does not prorate your bill for early termination.

UltraCart provided a 30 day free trial period and then began billing at the end of each billable period. The billing begin date and end date for the period is displayed so that you may take that into account when closing the account.

Should you encounter any problems logging into or closing your account,
simply send a message to stating so or call support at 209-383-9870.

Reopen Account

To Reopen an Account, click the check box to the left of the prompt "Reopen Account". Then click the "Save" button.

Closed Account Retention Policy

PLEASE NOTE: Upon deactivating your UltraCart Account: Your Account information, settings, order records, etc., will be retained for 30 days.

*After 30 days all account information and settings will be removed from the system.