Order Management

One of UltraCart's most powerful features is its robust back office systems. The apex of this system is the Order Management section.

Order Management Screen

The order management screen is divided into 2 sections: Order Life Cycle and Tools. Each section allows you to manage a particular piece of the back office process.

Order Life Cycle

These departments provide life cycle order management. Each stage has a screen to provide functionality specific to that stage. There are Nine elements: View All Orders, Pre-orders, Quote Requests, Accounts Receivable, Pending Clearance, Shipping, Completed Orders, Auto Orders and Chargeback Disputes.

Section Name


View All Orders

This gives you the ability to view all of your orders no matter what stage the order is currently in.

Manually Add Order (B.E.O.E)Manually add orders. The Back End Order Entry Tool allows for fast order placement with on-the-fly-editing of item and shipping costs.


The Pre-orders section allows you to review and manage orders that contain a pre-ordered item.

Quote Requests

The Quote Request section allows you to review and manage orders that have requested an order quote (feature must be enabled).

Accounts Receivable

The Accounts Receivable section allows you to review and manage orders that have not completed the payment process.

Pending Clearance

The Pending Clearance section allows you to review and manage payment types that are not immediately processed for payments, such as:

  • E-check orders that are still pending payment.
  • Amazon Payments awaiting the instant payment notification.

Fraud Review

The Fraud Review section will list orders that have received a high Fraud score and requires investigation prior to processing.


The Shipping section allows you to review and manage orders that are awaiting shipping or that have recently been shipped.

Completed Orders

The Completed Order section allows you to review and manage orders that have been both processed for payment and marked as shipped.

Auto Orders

The Auto Order section allows you to review and Manage all orders that are on a recurring billing (also known as auto-ship).

Chargeback Disputes

The Chargeback Disputes area allows you to review and manage chargebacks.

Case Management

The Case Management screen allows you, the Merchant, to correspond with your customers.


Tool Name


Back End Order Entry (BEOE)

The BEOE tools allows for order to be entered into the system via a java application.

Batch Order Operation

The Batch Order Operation tool allows for several.

Export Auto Order

Export Auto Orders.

Exporting Auto Orders as of 2017

* Card information can only be transferred to a PCI level 1 provider.
* Information is PGP encrypted with the receiving providers public key.
* The format is standard and we do not manipulate the export.  It has everything needed to reestablish the orders elsewhere.
* It's the recieving PCI party's responsibility to vault the information and replace the PAN with tokens that the receiving cart and import.
* It is the merchants responsibility to cancel the active subscriptions in UltraCart after successful import into the receiving platform.

Export Orders

Export Orders allow you to export your orders based on a custom mapping that you can create.

Review Orders

Review Orders is the same as "View All Orders". You can use both to search for orders within your account.


Order Management Tutorials