Customer Profiles

Customer Profiles

Customer Profile Options

This Section contains 6 options to assist in managing customer profiles. They are:

Pricing Tiers
ImportSend Password Notice

Export Customer Profiles

The customer profile export utility allows you to quickly generate an Excel Spreadsheet or CSV file of all the information contained within your customer profiles. A quick way to update a lot of information is to generate a spreadsheet with this utility, edit the spreadsheet, and then import the information back into UltraCart.  Click on the Export link to create your spreadsheet.  The following screen will appear.

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Import Customer Profiles

Using this tool, you can import an Excel Spreadsheet or CSV file containing your customer profile information, and the profiles will be automatically be created or updated with the specified information.

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The Loyalty program provide a way to reward customers for their patronage. The customer can accumulate points that they will then be able to redeem for purchases within your store.

For more about the Loyalty program, see the following 'help' doc: Loyalty Program 

Manage Customer Profiles

The customer profile manager is the place you'll use to search, create, edit and delete customer profiles:

Customer Profile Menu

The menu at the top right portion of the page provides options for:

  1. Searching Profiles
  2. Modifying the Profile Table layout
  3. Creating a new profile.

Searching customer profiles

Clicking the magnifying glass icon will open the search form:

Search Tip: Use Wildcard In Your Searches

You can use the asterisk * character (shift+8 on keyboard) as the search wildcard. 

You are looking for an email of a customer that you know begins with the customers first name and is a account.
You could enter the email address as:


Which would return all email addresses beginning with a "Y" and has the domain.

Configure Columns for the Customer Profile Table

Clicking the middle button will open a dialog window for editing the columns that will be displayed in the customer profile table:

Blue indicates that the column is enabled, and a grey color indicates that the column disabled.

Creating A New Customer Profile

Clicking the third button (the '+' symbol) will open the customer profile editor:

The dialog window will prompt you with the essential fields:

First Nameoptional
Last Nameoptional
EmailRequired Field
PasswordRequired Field

You'll have the option of performing a quick add with just those basic fields

Profile Editor

The Profile Editor has 11 tabs:

GeneralThis tab contains the Customer login credentials and other customer information.
BillingBilling Address books and also Checkout & Payments settings for the customer.
ShippingShipping Address Books and Shipping options.
Accounting / TrackingQuickBooks, Affiliate and Sales Rep assignment, and Loyalty / Cashback ledger.
OrdersOrder history associated with customer profile.
QuotesIf Quote Requests are enabled, Quotes for the customer are viewable here.
ReviewsIf Product Reviews are enabled, Reviews and reviewer details are displayed here.
UploadsFile attachments, such as resales certificates are viewable here.
TaxesReseller Tax ID number, Avalara & TaxJar codes configuration. Tax Exemption configuration.
SoftwareIf applicable, Software Entitlements are viewable here. 
ActivityView the shopping and sales activity captured by UltraCart Analytics. 

Pricing Tiers

In this section a merchant can create pricing tiers for volume (discount) pricing. Typically pricing tiers are created when a merchant is selling B2B in some fashion.

Think of a pricing tier as a group that someone belongs to such as (Reseller, Wholesaler, Distributor, etc.).

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Send Password Notice

The "Send Password Notice" allows for the configuration of an email template to be used in conjunction with mass updating of customer profile passwords. This may be used, for example, after importing customer profiles from an external system.


This is the page where you can Enable and/or Require Customer Profiles at the checkout process. The Settings page also allows for the configuration of the "My Account" customer portal.  Other features are:

  • wholesale (pricing tier) sign up 
  • assignment of override URLs to the wholesale signup
  • login in links.

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