Introduction to UltraCart

What this Documentation Covers

The primary focus of this documentation is to teach merchants how to configure UltraCart as their online shopping cart solution. Each chapter of this manual covers a component of the UltraCart system such as accounts receivable or shipping. While this manual may not cover every single question that a merchant may have, it attempts to cover the entire system in detail.

Conventions in this Site

Throughout the site, several conventions are used. Below is an explanation of each convention so that the meaning will be understandable when encountered. 

Navigating to a specific Page

If the directions require navigating to a specific area of the system using the web browser, then a box with the name of each link to click, followed by an arrow will appear. An example of a navigation instruction from the main menu, to the configuration menu, and then to the main settings page would look like:

Main Menu Configuration Menu Main Settings

Table of Contents

If the document contains multiple parts then a Table on Contents will be provided a list of the parts of the document organized in the order in which the parts appear. An Example of this is:

Information blocks

Highlights content as an informational note. This is somethings important information that you may need to know about a topic. An Example of this is displayed below:

Helpful information would be displayed here.


Obtaining Support

UltraCart support attempts to help merchants in any way possible with the setup and basic configuration of their online store. There are several methods support can be obtained. 

Telephone 1-209-383-9870    Monday-Friday 8:30AM-5PM EST

Email   24/7/365