Page 3 - Payment Processing

Payment Gateways

To complete this step, you will need to set up your Payment Gateway. Please see our list of Supported Payment Gateways if you are not sure if your gateway is currently integrated with UltraCart. Do not worry if you do not see your gateway listed here. Our Sales Department can determine if integration is possible.

If you are still researching payment gateway options, below is a short list of our recommended gateways:


To configure your payment gateway, navigate to:


Please refer to the User Guide for more details about configuring payments. Please note that UltraCart has a convenient means of testing your payment configuration. Please see the Payment Tests screen and test that payment configuration!

One thing to keep in mind is that during the configuration of your payment gateway, you will be required to have some specific account details. This can be anything from a simple user name and password to a combination of API logins and keys, depending on your gateway.

Tip: Be sure to copy the information provided by your gateway exactly into the appropriate fields, making sure that there are no unwanted spaces or characters. If this information is even slightly incorrect, payments will not be processed and an error will be displayed during checkout.

If you don't have this information, it can always be added later. You may continue moving forward with the other steps in the Setup Checklist and come back to this step when you have the information needed.

No payment processing will take place until all of your account information is provided.

As with all the new areas of UltraCart that you setup, please test your system before going live. Just like our brick and mortar friends say "a weak soft opening can make a strong Grand Opening!".