Page 2 - Item Management

Adding Your Items

The first step in putting Items into your account is to go the Item Management area in UltraCart or the Item Management guide in docs. If you have more than a few items, you probably noticed that entering your items individually may be time consuming.  A faster and easier method is the Batch Item Import whereby you can upload a spreadsheet of your entire Item data. To do this you navigate to:

and follow the instructions on the screen.
The back end was updated to make it easier to use.  Hence, the video will look a little different, but the process to add/update an item is still the same.

Please enter your items with only letters or numbers in your item ID. This isn't a requirement, but will simplify things later. 
You may use the Manufacturer SKU, but it is better to use a name that identifies the product. The Item ID will also show up in your Buy Link which you will learn about later as you progress through the Setup Checklist. If you would like your item to be associated to the Manufacturer SKU, you can do so on the Item Editor screen.


Getting into Folders now may save you some time later, but remember the fastest way to get up and selling is to finish the checklist. If you spend time on Folders now, it will delay sales. So finish the checklist, start selling, and then you can go back and organize.

Remember, if you get stuck, get some help.


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