Buy Links


When your customer wants to buy a product from you online, where do they go? Typically they go to your website (for other options keep reading below). When you need to get products from your website into your UltraCart checkout (aka shopping cart) you use Buy Links.

Buy Links are a simple way for your customer to get your product into their shopping cart.

Where do you get these BuyLinks? As you add items to UltraCart, our system automatically renders a BuyLink for you so that customers can click the link and have that product added to a shopping cart session as shown below.


To find your Buy Links navigate to:

Main Menu Items Item Management

Next to each Item that is created you will see a set of action icons, by clicking on the Links icon you will be taken to the Buy Links page for that product.


Clicking on the icon for a given product will then take you to the Item Links or Buy Links page show below.

 Because you can have multiple StoreFronts we do provide a drop down list just above the buy link that allows you to select which storefront the link should be assigned to, this allows you to have the same item pointed to different storefronts based on the link the customer user. 

From here you would simply need to take the link and add it into your website, that code may look something like this:

<a href=""><img src="http://buttonImageUrl" alt="" /></a>


Within the Item Links / Buy Links page is also a section called Advanced Buy Links, this section allow you to add on different parameters that can be specified on a link.

For example you can add a coupon code so that the cart adds it automatically when the customer clicks on the Buy link.

As you can see by simply typing in the coupon we would like to add into the filed the link builder has added the correct code to the link to make this possible. From here simply copy and paste the link into your website.

It can be a little overwhelming to have to click on an icon for each product, go into the links page and then copy out your link, especially if you have more then a few products. Because we understand this can be frustrating we provide a button at the bottom of each Item Links that allow you to download all of the buy links for your currently created items.

When you use this feature it will download a Excel spreadsheet of your items and their buy link, that file should look something like this.

So now you will have all you links in one place with no more clicking around to find them.

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