This page provides links for setting inventories in UltraCart.


Product inventory can be turned on or off within UltraCart.
If you have limitless supply, sell a made-to-order (MTO) product, or otherwise are unconcerned about inventory, you can simply turn it off.
Otherwise, UltraCart provides the means to track inventory, handle backorders, and ship product through multiple distribution centers.

Before You Begin

If you choose to track inventory, configure all distribution centers before setting inventory levels. Inventory is tracked by distribution centers. If you are a small business and manage the shipping aspect of your business, the default (DFLT) distribution center should work fine. Add additional distribution centers (DC) as needed.

Individual Configuration

You may set the inventory levels for each product by navigating to the item (Home → Item Management → Items → [select an item]) and then clicking on its Shipping tab of the Item Editor.
Instructions for using that screen are found here.

Bulk Updates

You may perform bulk updates of inventory levels for items through several avenues:

  • Inventory Adjustment - this screen accepts a .csv file containing inventory adjustments
  • Inventory Transfer - a wizard that aids in moving inventory from one distribution center to another
  • Inventory Update - this screen lists all items in a grid allowing for spreadsheet like inventory updates

The bulk update tools are all found in the Tools section of the Item Management menu.


Inventory Allocation

UltraCart tracks the inventory allocation by taking the configured quantity in stock, then deducts from the quantity (qty) in stock this way:

  • Allocated to SC (Shopping Cart) - This is a temporary allocation to active shopping cart sessions.
  • Allocated to PO (Placed Order) - This allocation is to placed orders that have yet to be marked as shipped (reached the "completed" stage.
  • Available to Allocate - This represents the QTY in Stock minus the allocated inventory for the SC and PO. This is what is available at the present time.