Item Editor


The Item editor is the set of screens associated with the configuration of your items for sale in your storefront. In the Item Editor you can create and/or edit all attributes of your store items.


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Item Management "Actions" Menu

You'll perform many actions using the menu along the top right side of the Item Management page:

Adding & Editing items

If you want to add or change an Item you can:

  1. click on   then select Add Item
  2. click on the hyperlinked Item ID/KitID to edit the existing Item or Kit

This will open the Item Editor which is where you configure or make changes to your Item. 

View of the First Tab of the Item Editor

As you can see the first tab of the item editor contains the majority of the import configuration fields for the item., including itemID, product description,, item cost, item weight, item images, etc. You'll perform the majority of the required item configuration from this tab of the item editor. Once you are in the item editor you will have a list of areas to configure. Some of the sections are self explanatory, while some of them need a little more information to help you understand the best way to configure them for your account.

Click on the information icon that you see next to the field names to get a definition/explanation for each.

Required Fields

Only two fields in this tab are designated as "Required" fields.

  1. ItemID 
  2. Cost 

However, there are many more important fields that you'll likely end up configuring in order to get your items properly configured.

So let's take a look at each section of this tab of the item editor in more detail:

Top Section

Item Editor Field Descriptions

Top section of Item tab

Name (Required in RED)Description

This is the name you give your Item so UltraCart can differentiate between it and all your other items.

About ItemId's

Please be aware of the following when configuring itemId's:

  • May be between 2 - 20 characters
  • No spaces (instead use hyphens or underscores)
  • Valid characters are: Numbers, Lettters, Hyphens and Underscores
  • Do Not Use "special characters" such as: !@#$%^&*()+= as these are converted to escape characters when used in a URL.

Shows in the checkout and on the receipt.

Item description field does not support unicode characters at this time.

Extended Description

Only necessary if you are using StoreFronts/Catalog/Google Product Search

Cost*The price you charge for this item.
Sale Cost

Allows you to specify a sale cost for your item and a start and end date for it.

Can be configured down to the second (ie. MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM:SS )


Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price, Minimum Advertised Price, Cost of Goods Sold

For more details regarding COGS configuration, please review the FAQ below.

QuickBooks Code & ClassOnly shown if you have Quickbooks configured in your account.
Manufacturer Name
Manufacturer SKUManufacturer Stock Keeping Unit. Used for inventory purposes.
BarcodeThe value shown under the barcode
UNSPSCThe United Nations Standard Products and Services Code - used mostly for international shipping.
Length x Width x HeightPhysical measurements of the product
Weightthe weight of the unpacked item

Real-time Pricing Provider

Real-time Pricing Parameter

Only shown if you are using a Real-Time Pricing Provider

Review TemplateSpecifies which template is used on the Item Review shown to customer.
Mix & Match GroupShows which Mix & Match Groups you have available if you have configured them on your account.

Gift Certificate

If checked UltraCart will generate a Gift Certificate Code in the same amount shown on the Item.

This field applies to the 'UltraCart Managed' and Self' Sales Tax integrations:

This box is checked by default, but if you offer products or services that are not taxed then uncheck it.

For Avalara, TaxJar or Sovos integrations:
In the item editor, click on the "Tax" tab for the item, and scroll down to the Avalara section and provide their tax codes for your item to make it tax exempt. We don't send the taxable flag to Avalara, TaxJar or Sovos. We only send the codes you configure and let them decide if it's taxable. You can use the item spreadsheet import/export if you have hundreds of items to configure, especially if they're all the same item.

Optional - Taxable Cost

Only used very rarely when you are using a fulfillment center to charge for an item, and

you want to add the tax upfront so we send the whole cost to them.

Sale CostDefines a temporary "sales price" that overrides the "Cost" field only during the valid date/time indicated.
Start and stop dates are required. Start and Stop Times are optional.
Acceptable formats are:
InactiveUse if you need to put an item on hold temporarily. It will tell the customer that the item is not available.

Excluded from Coupons

Will not work with coupons.
No Realtime Charge

If this Item is in your cart it will not charge the order in realtime but will drop it into Accounts Receivable.

One Per CustomerUltraCart will attempt to keep the same customer from purchasing this item twice. Based on email and address
Excluded from Free PromotionThis item will not apply to a Free Item coupon.
Excluded from SearchItem will not show up in search results
Skip Receipt NotificationCustomer will not receive a receipt if this item is in the order.
Skip Shipment NotificationCustomer will not receive and email regarding shipment if this item is in the order.

Quickbooks section


Enter the QuickBooks code associated with the UltraCart Item.

ClassEnter the QuickBooks Class for the Ultracart item.

QuickBooks Section in Item Editor

The QB section only appears in the item editor when you have turned on the UltraBooks feature in order to automate downloading of orders into Quickbooks.

Shipping section

Field NameDescription
Enter the unpacked weight value for the item.

The weight of the product is represented in pounds by default.

Enter the weight as a decimal value.

NOTE: 16 oz. is equivalent to 1 lb. For instance a product that weighs 1 lb. 8 oz. would be entered as "1.5" 

IMPORTANT: If an item does not have a positive weight value assigned to it then it is treated as either a digital download item or a service item (such as a technical support contract for a computer) that requires no shipping. 

  • For those merchants that are not using the default realtime weight based shipping cost calculation, a weight of "1" should be specified for all items that require shipping.
  • If an item is a digital delivery item or requires no shipping, enter "0" for the product weight. 
Unit of Weight Measure

Drop down selections are:

  • LB
  • KG
  • OZ
Unit of Dimensional measure

Drop down selections are:

  • IN (Inches)
  • CM (Centimeters)
Manufacturer NameWhere appropriate, enter the item's manufacturer name.
NOTE: Field Length: 50 character string
Manufacturer SKU

SKU stands for Stock Keeping Unit and is a number associated with a product for inventory purposes.

Enter the manaufacturer SKU number in this field.
Note: Field Length: 20 character string.


The barcode field is used by the UltraShip product.

Enter the barcode value for the physical item that is associated with this UltraCart item.</p>

Alternatively, you can use the UltraShip application to populate your item barcodes quickly and easily.
Please refer to the UltraShip documentation for more information.

Track Inventory

Selecting this checkbox will enable the configuration of the inventory level of the item. 
(See the "Handles Product" checkbox field, or fields if you have multiple shipping distribution centers, in this section)

Allow Back OrderSelecting this checkbox setting will allow an item that has the "track inventory" enabled and the quantity in stock reaches zero.
Free Shipping

Designates the item as a "Free Shipping" item.

Please make sure that you have first edit your shipping methods and selected the "Qualifies for free shipping" checkbox option to designate the free shipping methods. You can also navigate to the "Method Specific Options" sub-tab in the shipping tab of the item/kit item editor.

NOTE: Please see the Shipping tab  and the "Inventory Control and Distribution" sub-tab for additional settings.

Distribution Center "Handles Item"

Designates the shipping distribution center that handles the shipping fulfillment of the item.
If you have multiple shipping distribution centers, you'll have a separate checkbox for each shipping D.C.

IMPORTANT: All items, even non-shipping/billing only type items, are required to have at least one distribution center "handles Item" selected.

Storefront section

This section is where you'll assign the item into your storefront(s).

Field NameDescription
Assignments for (Storefront Host)

Use the drop-down list to select the storefront page in which you want the item to appear.
The item can be assigned into multiple pages.

A separate drop-down list will appear for each of your configured storefront hosts.

The item assignments will be displayed in a table showing:

  • Storefront page(s)
  • Storefront Custom URL (empty by default)
  • Assignment type will show either  "Manual" or "By Condition" assignment rule.

Canonical Assignment

When an item has been assigned to more than on page within storefront, you will have an optional to choose which one is Canonical by selecting the appropriate checkbox.

*For more details regarding canonical links, see: Understanding Canonical Links


This setting is dependent on the storefront theme. If your storefront theme supports it, click the "Add" button, then in the pop-up
dialog window, enter in the URL for the video:


Occasionally, a merchant may want to configure an item as "unavailable" for a short period. You can make an item unavailable without having to remove it from your storefront. 

If you configure an item as inactive, it will not be visible in searches and customers cannot add it to a shopping cart.

If you leave the item on your store web page and a customer clicks the "buy now" button, the view cart page will be displayed but the item will not appear in the cart. 

Check this box ONLY if you want the item to become unavailable for purchase.

Exclude From SearchWhen selected the item will be excluded from search results
Exclude from Top Sellers
Storefront Specific Images
Additional Product Images
Item Page Title (max 70 characters)
Item Page Meta Description (max 275-300 characters)
Item Page Meta Keywords (max 175 characters)

Tags section

The tags section allows you to assign tags to the item for use with Storefront Communications.

Field NameDescription
ItemEnter in tags to associate with the item.
CustomerEnter tags to associate with customers that purchase the item
OrderEnter tags to associate with orders that contain the item.

Advanced section

Field NameDescription
Exclude from CouponsCheck this box to exclude this item from coupon calculation.
For example if a coupon requires a subtotal of $100 to count,
this item would not count toward that total.
Excluded from Free Promotion

This item will not apply to a Free Item coupon.

Note: If no free promotional items are configured, this field will not appear in the item editor.

Generate Gift Certificate

If checked, and when purchased, UltraCart generates a gift certificate code for the amount of the item.
See the Gift Certificates documentation for more  details regarding gift certificates.

The gift certificate code is included in the order invoice.

Once there is one or more gift certificate codes generated for your UltraCart account, a new checkout field will appear on the options page of the checkout process titled "HAVE A GIFT CERTIFICATE?", with a subtext stating: "If your gift certificate does not cover the cost of your order, we will prompt you for additional information about the payment preference that you selected below."

NOTE: When selecting an item as a gift certificate item, you can optionally enter an expiration date in the field that appears titled "Gift Certificate Expiration (Days)"to the below the Gift Certificate checkbox.

Kit Component OnlyWhen checked, the item can only be added as part of a kit. The item can not be directly purchased.
No Realtime Charge

Checking this box will tell UltraCart that when this item is in a cart, to NOT charge the credit card. It will move the order, when completed, to your Accounts Receivable for handling.

Keep in mind that this action will occur even if there are other items in the cart that don't have this option checked.

One Per Customer

If this box is checked, UltraCart will attempt to prevent the same customer from purchasing the product twice. 
This calculation looks at email and address information on previous orders.

Note regarding One per Customer when using Test Credit cards

The setting for "One per Customer" does not apply to test orders. So if you are using a test credit card on an order this setting is bypassed. This is intended so that testing can take place without any roadblocks that would prevent the test order from being placed.

Skip Receipt EmailNo receipt email will be sent to the customer when this item
is purchased if this box is checked.
Skip Shipment EmailNo shipment notification will be sent to the customer if
this item is purchased and this box is checked.
MinThe setting sets the minimum qty of the item that can be purchased. The default is 1.
MaxIf configured, sets the max qty of the item that can be placed into the cart for purchase. If a quantity higher than the configured MAX is placed into the cart, a message will be displayed and the qty will automatically be adjusted to the configured max.
MultipleIf configured, the item will only be able to be added to the cart in multiples of the amount entered.
Mix and Match Group
Realtime Pricing Provider
Parameters (Optional)
USPS Media Mail Product Type

Certain product types effect the calculation of the USPS (United States Postal Service) shipping costs. USPS offers special discounts to these special products.

In the menu provided, select one of three (3) special product types:

  • Book/Software
  • Music
  • Editorial. 
NOTE: The USPS "Media Mail" shipping method will not display at checkout if this option is not selected.

What is the UNSPSC code? The United Nations Standard Products and Services Code [UNSPSC] is a coding system for goods and services. It enables buyers and sellers to describe goods and services in a common way without referring to any suppliers' in-house catalogue codes and descriptions.

For more information, see:

Recommend Replenishment AfterThe number of days it takes the consumer to use up the product. After this amount of time, UltraCart will trigger an event to StoreFront Communications. You can setup a flow in StoreFront Communications to make it easy for the customer to re-order.
NOTE: This is a required setting for the "Recommend Replenishment" flow in the Public Library.

Below is a description of each tab and a link to take you to the documentation for that page.

Tab Name
(* Only appear if enabled)



Configuration of the core attributes of the item such as id, description, cost, and weight

Auto Order

Define the recurring billing aspects of this item

CatalogThis tab manages all the information about the item associated with the catalog including attributes, exploded diagrams, reviews, and variations.

Digital Delivery

Association of files with the item, activation codes for software, and aMember/WishList member settings.

Discounts/Pricing Tiers

Define the cost for the product when purchased in quantity or under a pricing tier (such as Wholesale)


Where you manage listing of this item on eBay

Google Product Search*On this tab you''ll configured the required item details (and optional details as well) related to google product category assignment, item image and item cost, etc.


Where you upload and manage all the multimedia associated with this item.

This tab has been removed for merchants using StoreFronts as the item multimedia is now on the main item editor page.

Options/VariationsWhere you define the options that you need the customer to select when purchasing this item.
OtherAll the other configuration options about the item including channel partner mapping, rotating transaction gateway selection, etc.

Related Items

Configure which items are related to this item.

ReviewsAssign the review template, share reviews with item, and list of reviews.


Where you control everything about shipping this item including distribution center selection, inventory management, markups, etc

TaxSales tax related settings for an item.

Proceed to Items List for more details about the the use of folders for item organization, as well as the differences between Items and Kit Items.

Frequently Asked Questions


I was updating COGS on our items and realized I might be doing it wrong. Few questions:

  1. Should I only have COGS on my SKUs that are the actual items shipped?
  2. Should I also be adding COGS to kits?
  3. Or are COGS calculated in the reporting based on individual items?
  4. If I have COGS on kits (and on the component items ), am I getting COGS double counted?

We recommend that you do the COGS on the physical item.  Kits are just meta items that reference X units of some physical product.  So if the kit, for example, is 3 bottles of Vitamin C and the physical product has a COGS of $6 then the total COGS of the order would be $18.  You could potentially do COGS at the kit level if you want, but should not configure it on both kits and components, which likely makes the component level the best option. You'll need to pick one way and stay consistent.