Distribution Centers Tab


The Distribution Centers Tab allows you to specify the details regarding the location from which your shipments originate. When you first signed up for UltraCart and completed the Setup, the details regarding your shipping origination point such as; Zip/Postal Code, State/Province, and Country, will be listed in your Distribution Centers section.
Many merchants choose to outsource their pick, pack, and ship operation to a third-party which are called by many names; Distribution Center, Fulfillment House, Fulfillment Center, Fulfillment Provider, Pick/Pack/Ship, Logistics company, etc. In UltraCart we use the term Distribution Center.

You can setup your UltraCart system to automatically transmit your orders to your Distribution center provider using a variety of mechanisms.


Understanding The Prioritization of the Configured Distribution Centers

This tab lists each of the configured Distribution Centers (DC) with each distribution center representing a shipping department in the order management screens.
Each DC will have a unique code.

There are many layers to the prioritization of configured DC on the handling of items:

  • Each item can be configured to be available for shipment from one or more of the configured DC's.
  • Each DC can be configured with preferences for shipment locations (if the preferences are left unconfigured, then the DC with the nearest location which can handle all items in the order will be used.)

The "Default = Yes" designation on this tab is used in the following circumstances:

  • Legacy auctions system always routes auction items to the default distribution center for shipment.
  • Fall back selection of the default distribution center in some scenarios where the merchant has conflicting configuration.
  • The Legacy API uses it for:
    1. Inventory Update
    2. Mark Order Shipped
    3. Query Item
  • Channel Partners that key off the default designation are:
    1. E-Bay
    2. EDI integrations
    3. Impulse Response
    4. Live Ops

To further configure your distribution center, click on the "Edit" button to the right of your listed distribution center. A screen will appear allowing you to configure details for your Distribution Center, Shipment Cut-off Times, Transmission Mechanism, Transmission Schedules and Preference for Shipments to Specific Locations.

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