Configuration - Customer Service

Customer Service

This is how your customers will contact you. The information entered during your initial signup will appear here by default. If you prefer to use a different contact name, email or phone number, enter them on this screen. Click on the "Save" button when finished. If you have more than one Screen Branding Theme, separate Customer Service sections will appear on this screen to which you can configure.

Screen Branding Themes

If you have multiple screen branding themes, you'll have a separate section for configuring the customer service contact information for each theme.

Import Note for Merchants With Rotating Gateways

If you have rotating gateways configured, the rotating gateway editor has a place for customer service email and phone number contact information and if the email address is configured at the rotating gateway level then it will be the one that is used for the reply. When you have rotating gateways, you will see a notice at the top of the customer service configuration page like this:

Routing of replies to notifications

When a customer replies to an order email notification that contains the default ultracart from email address, Ultracart will route the email back to the configured email address for the screen branding theme associated with their order.

Use With Email Templates

Pulling the configured Customer Service Email and Phone number into the Email Templates using the "Tags for this notification":


Email Notifications