USPS Configuration


The USPS Tab to the shipping configuration page contains settings specific to the USPS Shipping method integration, which includes configuration settings for:

  • Rating USPS Postage
  • Endicia Dazzle



Home Configuration (Checkout) Shipping (middle menu) USPS

Rating USPS Postage

This section contains two options for USPS postage


Calculate USPS Priority Mail CPP 

When selected, the USPS rate calculation will match the CPP rates provided to (This is the online rate versus the default offline retail rate.

Printing USPS Postage

Endicia Dazzle

Endicia's electronic postage solutions make it more manageable and affordable to ship and mail through the U.S. Postal Service. Their solutions have helped thousands of large and small businesses print more than $10 billion in postage. As a long-time, trusted partner of the U.S. Postal Service, they've built a reputation for commitment to simplifying, improving, and enhancing the shipping and mailing process for their customers.

Abort on error      
If AbortOnError is set to "YES" all error messages are suppressed and DAZzle will automatically abort the list process if an error occurs. The default value for this attribute is "NO".
Auto print customs forms

Automatic Printing of Customs Forms - AutoPrintCustomsForms
When printing from XML, Dazzle normally does NOT automatically print customs forms because it requires printing to a second printer and requires prompting the user which disrupts the automated process. Use of this option (set the value to "YES") will cause Dazzle to automatically (i.e., there is no user prompt to pick the printer) print the requested customs form to the default Windows printer. To make best use of this option when using two printers, the label printer should be set in the Dazzle layout and the default Windows printer should be set to a plain paper printer for the customs forms. Also keep in mind that the customs only print for items that request the customs form via XML data AND have all the customs information properly supplied. If this item is omitted or set to NO, Dazzle will create and record the customs form information, but will NOT print or prompt to print the customs form during the print process. Instead, the customs forms can be printed from the postage log with the Print Record option.

Delivery confirmationIf set to yes, delivery confirmation is requested on the postage.
Signature confirmationIf selected, will require Signature confirmation by the package recipient.
Insured MailIf selected, will include insurance in the postage
Insured Mail ThresholdDetermines the dollar amount threshold in which insurance should be included in the postage calculation.
LayoutSetting the Layout value to the fully qualified pathname of a Dazzle layout file, will trigger Dazzle to change to that layout prior to printing. This change will only occur once per file (e.g., you can not change layouts in the middle of printing).
Output fileWhen the Prompt value is "YES" (which is the default) Dazzle will prompt the user for the output file name. You can bypass the prompt and specify the output file name by using the OutputFile value. (see Section 2.b for more about this). If no output file name is specified and Prompt is set to "NO", the output file is automatically named filename-output.xml?.
Parcel Select

Setting the Prompt value to "NO" will cause Dazzle to suppress all option and information windows (e.g. the "don?t remind me again" windows) so that printing is fully automated. Error messages may be displayed ? see the AbortOnError option below for information about error handling. The default value for this attribute is "YES". IMPORTANT NOTE: If the Prompt="YES" option is selected, the user can NOT override any value specified in the XML file. Thus, do NOT include data values for items the user should enter or select.

Return addressThe return address that you want printed on the postage label.

Dazzle actions can be automatically invoked using the Start attribute of the Dazzle Tag. Set Start="PRINTING" to start the printing of the XML data.
Set Start="DAZ" to start the address verification process on the XML data. This option ONLY applies when using the Command Line launch method (See section 1.d.2).

Stealth PostageThis option masks the amount of postage on the label. This is very important to set if you charge higher shipping or handling fees. Almost all merchants turn on stealth postage.
TestSetting the Test value to "YES" will cause Dazzle to print sample Endicia on each piece in the mailing and NOT use live postage. This attribute can be useful to make test runs to make sure the printing and data are all correct before using "live" postage. If this attribute is not specified, real postage will be used. If you have also selected the Prompt="YES" option then this feature has no effect since the user can select Test Print or Print.
CC EmailEmail address to CC on the shipment.  This is useful for keeping your finger on the pulse of shipments if you are outsourcing your fulfillment to a third party logistics company. is a leading provider of Internet–based postage services.'s online postage service enables small businesses, enterprises, and consumers to print U.S. Postal Service–approved postage with just a PC, printer and Internet connection, right from their home or office.

Customs Contents Type

The type of merchandise that you are shipping internationally. The default value
is commercial sample unless something else is chosen.

Delivery confirmationIf you want tracking on your USPS packages (typical), set this to yes.
Signature confirmation

If you need proof of delivery, set this to yes. A signature is usually required to
successfully fight chargebacks by customers claiming non-delivery.

Insured Mail

If you want insurance than select how to insure it here. Most merchants find
that insuring through is more cost effective and an easier claims
process than the postal service.

Insured Mail Threshold

The value of the shipment after which insurance is added. Some merchants
only insure shipment of $100 due to the risk/reward.

Output file

The path to where should produce the output file (that contains tracking
number). If you're interacting with through the web interface and batch
files then you will want to configure this path so the output file is always at a predictable

Stealth Postage

This option masks the amount of postage on the label. This is very important to set
if you charge higher shipping or handling fees. Almost all merchants turn on stealth

Skip Printed MemoSet this to Yes to skip the printed memo on the label.