Related Items


Related Items allows UltraCart to automatically suggest additional items during the checkout process that tend to be purchased based upon the customer's shopping cart contents. UltraCart makes the suggestions based on item relationships from previously placed orders. (The association is made after approximately a dozen orders.)


 To enable this functionality, click on the Yes radio button on the related items screen, and specify how many relations you would like UltraCart to calculate for each item in your store (maximum of 10). Click the "Save" button when finished.

  • Turning on the Related Items feature can increase your sales over time by exposing customers to additional items during the checkout process that they may have otherwise missed or overlooked.
  • Please note that changes to these settings take up to 24 hours to take effect.

Cart View

The related items will appear just below the lower left corner of the shopping cart table. A heading of "Suggested Items" and check boxes next to each item will also be shown.  An "add to cart" button is provided below the suggested items.

This view is from within StoreFronts


Related Items Tab