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Customer Profiles

If your customers make periodic purchases from your online store, you can enable customer profiles to help speed up the checkout process. Customer Profiles allow your customers to optionally enter a password, and store their information on the UltraCart servers. When they make their next purchase, they can allow UltraCart to automatically pre-populate the checkout form by using their e-mail address and the password they specified.

Access the main Customer Profiles Menu:

Enable Customer Profiles

To enable Customer Profiles, navigate to (settings configuration):

There are 4 options with customer profiles section; Enable Customer Profiles, Require Customer Profile, Allow Customer Profiles to Store Credit Card(s)and Limit Checkout Address Book to Last # Entries. Check the box to the left of the choices desired.

Enable Customer Profiles

If selected, the multi-page checkout will include a customer profile screen directly upon the customer clicking on the "Checkout" button in the shopping cart.

SinglePageCheckout does not include Customer Profile

Please note that the Single Page Checkout does not support the Customer Profile creation/login process.

Require Customer ProfileIf selected this will remove the "Guest checkout" option from the Customer profiles checkout screen. the customer will either need to create a customer profile or log into an existing customer profile.
Allow Customer Profiles to Store Credit Card(s)

If selected, this will allow the customer to store their credit card data (PCI compliant hashing of the Credit Card number details is automatically applied) for us with future orders.

CVV2 Requirement

If you enable this option, it is important that you configure your gateway to allow processing of transaction without the CVV2 number being present. For PCI compliance reasons we can not store the CVV2 number with the customer profile stored credit card. If you fail to configure your gateway properly, the transaction will fail. UltraCart will still enforce the collection of the CVV2 number on regular credit cards and the gateway will still check the number that is presented to them. Please contact your gateway's customer support department for details on how to properly configure your gateway for this scenario.

Auto Establish Customer ProfileA customer profile will be established for the customer upon their order if one does not exist.
(*The profile will not have a password and the customer will have to perform an email verification profile to set the initial password down the road.)
Auto Link Orders to Customer ProfileIf enabled, any order placed will automatically link to a customer profile by email.
The order will not receive special pricing as if they had logged into the profile, but will be linked for historical purposes.
Limit Checkout Address Book to Last __ EntriesIf configured (not left blank) the customers billing and shipping addresses will be limited to the specified number of entries.

Manage Customer Profiles

You can later edit these profiles by navigating to:

My Account (Customer Portal)

These actions control the behavior of the customer portal where customers may view their order history, make reviews, etc.  (See also: My Account Customer Portal)

Enable Case ManagementEnables Case Management. Please see Case Management documentation for more details.
Display Product ReviewsIf enabled, product reviews will be displayed in the My Account Customer Portal.
See Reviews for more details.
Allow customers to manage privacy settingsProvide an option for customers to manage their privacy settings via the MyAccount portal.
See My Account Customer Portal for more details.
Allow unlimited downloads of digital contentAllow the customer to download their digital content as long as they are logged into their MyAccount portal.
*This setting will override the default Digital Delivery settings for downloads.
Display Auto OrdersIf enabled, auto orders will be displayed.
The following optional permissions that can be configured for auto orders:
  • Allow Customers to Cancel Auto Orders
  • Allow Customers to Change Next Shipment Date
  • Allow Customers to Change Quantity
  • Allow Customers to Pause Auto Orders
  • Allow Customers to Update Billing (address)
  • Allow Customers to Update Shipping (address)
  • Allow Customers to Update Payment details

Wholesale Signup

This section provides a text box whereby merchants can enter their Wholesale Agreement that will be presented to prospective wholesale customers during signup. Navigate to:

Home Configuration (Checkout) Customer Profiles (Settings) Wholesale Signup (section)

Simply enter your text in the text box provided. To require your prospective Wholesale Customer to enter their SSN or Tax ID, click the checkbox to the left of the "Collect SSN/Tax ID" prompt. Click the "Save" button when finished

Single Signon

Single Signon is an advanced configuration option available to merchant that have SalesForce integration with their UltraCart account.

For more details, visit: Customer Profiles Single Signon 

Wholesale Login/Logout/Signup Redirects

After a successful login, logout, or signup of a wholesale customer you can redirect them to specific pages on your website.

Wholesale Related Links for Web Site

When using these links with custom SSL sites (i.e instead of, you may wish to add some helper parameters to the links.

  • OVERRIDECATALOGURL - instructs UltraCart to use the provided url instead of whatever it finds in the system when redirecting to your catalog.
  • OVERRIDECONTINUESHOPPINGURL - instructs UltraCart to use the provided url instead of whatever it finds in the system when redirecting to the "continue shopping" page.
    Be sure to use url encoding. There are many free sites that will do the encoding for you. At the top of the google search currently is

Example using with merchant id of DEMO:

<a href=''>Login</a>
<a href=''>Logout</a>
<a href=''>Signup</a>

This link would typically be placed on your website wherever you showcase your wholesale program. It would have some verbiage to encourage the prospective customer to "Click Here to Signup". The following is an example of UltraCart's Wholesale Signup screen (application) with minimal screen branding:

On a different screen or possibly on the very same wholesale screen, merchants will place their Login link. This allows existing Wholesale Customer to login and be taken to the merchant's wholesale screen that displays all the Wholesale items, prices for Wholesale Orders.

The Logout Link could also be placed on the merchant's Wholesale page. This link will take the customer to the URL specified in the Store URL field at Configuration > Merchant Profile.

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