Custom Period Sales report

The Custom Period Sales report provides a snapshot of the sales activity for a specified reporting period (begin and end date range).

This report will provide a breakdown of the gross sales fore the reporting period. The report is has multiple sections:

  • Summary - (This section provides a breakdown of the sales by each of the payment method used for the reporting period.)
  • Credit Cards - (This section provides a breakdown of the sales by credit card type.)
  • Pricing Tiers - (This section appears if you have configure pricing tiers. This section will show the sales attributed to configured pricing tier(s).)
  • Items - (This section shows breakdown of the items sold during the reporting period.)
  • Shipping/Handling - (This section provides a breakdown of the shipping and handling for each shipping method.)
  • Sales by State - (Provides breakdown of sales by State. This will be helpful in determining if sales to particular states are reaching threshold that requires sales tax reporting.) 
  • Sales Tax by State - (This section shows the sales taxes collected for the state level sales tax jurisdictions.)
  • Sales Tax by State / County - (This section shows the sales taxes collected for the State & County level jurisdictions.)
  • Sales Tax by State / County / City - (This section shows the sales taxes collected for the State ,County & City level jurisdictions.)
  • Sales By Day - (This section provides the gross sales by day of the month.)
  • Refunds (Original Order During this Period) - (This refund section represents orders placed and refunded during the period of the report.)
  • Refunds (Refund During this Period) - (This one represents refunds during this period even though the original order was from a previous period. This is meant to give you a idea of the true results of the sales of your products, but is not a representation of the refunds specific to the reporting period.)

Configuring a Custom Period Sales report

HomeOperations → Reporting

Unlike the Current Period Sales report, this report gives you the opportunity to set several parameters (filters) to customize your report results.

Fields and Filter definitions

There are (9) optional report filters as follows:

Date RangeEnter Start and End Date

Use the shortcut tool to enter fixed dates.
Click a link to enter fixed date ranges. 

Date TypeChose the type of date
for the Date Range above. 
The date the order was Processed
or the Shipped Date. 
Multiple SheetsSelect checkbox to apply this optionGenerate report in multiple sheets, in excel.
Filter to RTGSelect one or more checkboxesFilter the report by the configured Rotating Gateways
Filter to Storefront (or Legacy Theme)Select one or more checkboxesFilter the report by the configured Storefront host &/or legacy theme
Group by
Item Folder
Check BoxClick the box to have data Grouped by
your Item Folders. 
Show items at
Distribution Center 
Check Box
SKU and Barcode 
Check BoxItem SKU and Barcode will be shown
Sales TypeRadio button (chose one)

All Sales
Affiliate Only Sales
Non-affiliate Sales 

Placed ViaRadio button (chose one)

All Sales
Only Web Sales
Back End Order Entry (BEOE) 

FormatChose from drop-down menuExcel format or html
Schedule ReportCheckbox

Schedule Report

The Scheduled Report feature is for those merchants that want to have this report automatically emailed to them at certain intervals.  Clicking the Schedule Report check box will reveal the following Scheduling form:

There are only four (4) fields to be completed:

    1. Enter the starting date and time. 
    2. Chose the interval (Daily, Weekly or Monthly) from the drop-down list. 
    3. Enter the Subject text you want to see on your Email Subject line. 
    4. Enter the email address(es) you want the report to be sent to.  Separate Emails with a comma.

Generate Report

Once you have completed the custom settings, with or without the Schedule Report feature, click the "Generate Report" button.  If you have a short date range period set, you should see your report downloaded rather quickly.  A long date range will probably take considerable time to prepare the report.  You'll be notified by email when the report is ready for pickup.

If you indeed completed the "schedule report" section, your designated email address(es) will be sent an email from UltraCart Reporting on the frequency you indicated. The report will be attached for downloading/viewing. 

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