Customer Value Report

The customer value report allows you to enter a date range to see the following data on your customer: 

  • Number of orders 
  • Number of unique customers 
  • Average customer value 
  • Total Order Value 
  • Average Order Value 
  • Per Customer  Details:
  • First Purchase (Date)
  • Last Purchase (Date)
  • Days Since Last Purchase
  • Email
  • Number of Orders 
  • Total Order Value 
  • Average Order Value 

Main Menu Operations Reporting Customer Value

From the report screen simply enter or select the date range you prefer. Once you click the "Generate Report" button, the system will queue the report for pickup.

You can also schedule a report. This allows you to automate the delivery of this report to specific emails and specific frequency. 

You can view the report from the report pickup screen. There will be a link on the page to take you there.

From the Report Pickup screen simply click "download" to view the report.

Reports are user specific, so no other user will see this report on their report pickup screen.