Rotating Transaction Gateway History Report


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This report will only be available if you have rotating transaction gateways configured.


The Rotating Transaction Gateways History report provides an overview of all the orders within a time period and which rotating gateway processed the order. There are also a number of filters you can provide to limit the data provided for a more narrowed results.

The screen shot above is just some of the filter options that are available.

Report Details

Some fields have been left off the list below as they do not need an explication. ie First Name, Last Name, ect.

Transaction Date

Date the order was Processed

RTG Code

The code assigned to the Rotating Gateway

Transaction Type

ie. Auth Capture, Auth then Capture, Auth only

Custom Fields 1-7

Any Custom field information that was passed into the order

Affiliate ID

The Affiliate assigned to the order if there is any

Affiliate Sub ID

The Affiliate sub ID assigned to the order if there is any.


The order amount

Card Type

ie. Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Amex, …

Card BIN

Bank Identification number for the card

Card BIN Type

ie. Debit, Credit, …

Card Last 4

Last 4 digits of the card


This is a Y / N value depending on if the customer provided their CVV2


This is a Y / N value if the payment was successful


Indicates if there was a chageback on the order

Order ID

Order ID for the placed Order

First Item

The first item on the order

Auto Order Original Order ID

The original order ID if this order was part of an Auto Order

Auto Order Original Item ID

The original item ID if this order was part of an Auto Order

Auto Order Rebill Count

The number of rebills so far, if this order was part of an Auto Order

Auto Order Rebill Attempt

The number of attempts at processing the rebill

Auto Order Cancel

Indicates if the auto order was cancelled