Abandon Lead Report



The "Abandon Lead" report generates a spreadsheet containing the retained shopping cart details of the shopping cart sessions which were abandoned prior to finalizing the order to a receipt. The abandonments are captured after the shopping cart abandonment interval has been reached (the default abandonment internval is 60 minutes but may be configured much higher, expecially when you have the Return Email tool configured.

Running the Report

To run the report, you'll enter the time period for the report into the "From" and "To" fields (format MM/DD/YYYY) then click the "Generate Report" button.

Scheduling Report

Report Pickup

Upon running the report you may encounter the following message about navigating to the report pickup area to download the completed report:

Downloading the Report from Report Pickup

View of the Downloaded Report

The spreadsheet will contain the shopping cart details that were left at abandonment:

Abandon Lead and Return Email

If you are using the return email feature a customer will not be considered an abandon until after the return email has expired. If the customer receive the return email and is provided a coupon, the coupon will display as part of the usage report, but it will not be an abandon cart and the customers information will not be displayed as an abandon customer.

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