Pack Report

Picking and packing is the process of locating and pulling product from inventory and packing it into shipment containers to fill a customer order.  Fulfillment Centers (also known as Distribution Centers), typically have set prices for First Pick then a different price for each Additional Pick.  They also have pricing for packing. 

This built in "Pack" Report will provide the merchant the ability to receive specific information tallying shipped orders during a specified date range.   We'll show you how the individual doing the packing can insure they receive credit for orders that he/she packed. This will become very handy if/when you are paying "peace rate" for Pick and Pack.  Merchants sometime give their Fulfillment Center (personnel) access to the Back Office (Item Management and Reporting) sections so they can run the periodic reports.   You can also "schedule" reports to run daily, weekly or monthly and have them automatically sent via email to any individual(s) you specify (explained later). 

To generate your report you'll need to make several selections to filter the information. 

A. Enter the from/to date range desired or alternatively, click one of the Date Range shortcuts.
B. Select the appropriate Distribution Center(s) by checking the corresponding box(s). 
C. Click the Schedule Report check box if desired (explained later).
D. Click the Generate Report button.

Date Ranges

There are only two dates to be entered;

  • From (starting date) and 
  • To (ending date).  This tells the system the reporting period you want to see.

Common Date Ranges (shortcuts)

To the right of the date fields are some Common Date Ranges shortcuts. Consider this optional method for entering your date range to save some typing.  Simply click the link from one of the following rows to have the data range entered automatically.:

  • Recent - click Today or Yesterday
  • Days ago - click 7, 30, 90, or 365
  • This Year - click MTD, QTD or YTD
  • Last year row.- click MTD, QTD or YTD

Generate Report

Click the Generate Report button once you have finished entering the Date Range and any optional settings. If the report date range is short, you may see the report generated and available immediately.  If not, you may receive a Report Pickup notice (see below).  The following is an example of the Pack Report with very short date range settings. .

Sample results of Pick Report in worksheet.

Report Pickup

If a report that you've created covers a large date range you can expect some wait time.  You'll be notified by email if there is a delay and will be told that you can obtain the report in the Report Pickup area. If a smaller date range, the report may download immediately. 

Click here for more about the Report Pickup.

Recording Pack Records in your Back Office

The recording of the Packing jobs is done at the Item Level within the Order (editor).  In order to accomplish this, the individuals that make the recordings (in house packers, users or even yourself) must be listed as a User on your account and they must be given access (permissions) for the Edit Order area.  

There are two steps to enter the packing:

1)  Locate the order and enter the edit mode.

2)  Select the user that accomplished the Pack so they will get credit in the Pack Report.

Locate the Order:

Navigate to Home > Operations > Order Management

At this point the order will typically be Item #6 - Shipping Department or #7 - Completed Orders within the Order Management screen. You can also click the "View all orders in any stage" at the top of the screen and search for the order.  In our example, we clicked the "Completed Orders" link.  

In the list of orders that appear, clicking the Order ID will place it into the editor.  

Within the editor (above) click the "Items" button.

The following screen shots reveals the Logistics setting in the Item Editor of the order.  We have selected the appropriate user in the "Packed by User" field for both items.