Churn report

What is customer churn?

Customer churn refers to the natural business cycle of losing and acquiring customers over a period of time. Every company experiences churn and generally speaking, the less churn you have, the more customers you keep.

What is a churn percentage?

Churn percentage, (i.e.- “attrition rate”), is the rate at which customers stop doing business with a company over a given period of time. Churn may also apply to the number of subscribers who cancel or don’t renew a recurring order. The higher your churn percentage, the more customers stop buying from your business. The lower your churn rate, the more customers you retain. Typically, the lower your churn rate, the better.

The Churn Report Details

The Churn report is a multi-worksheet report. The First worksheet is the overall summary, each additional worksheet will provide the item level churn details for each of your auto order items.