Top 10 Reasons to Use StoreFronts

  1. Responsive themes.  Our themes are completely responsive.  They work great from smartphone to desktop!  We have great general purpose themes like "Mr Teas" and "Craft" or industry specific themes like "Natural" and "Trial".
  2. Signup/Install to functional StoreFront in 1 minute.  From the minute you signup/install your StoreFront it is meant to be functional so that you can test, customize, and begin using it to power your enterprise quickly.
  3. Video based training.  We've designed a series of video based training sessions, with follow along transcripts, to quickly bring you up to speed on all the core functionality.   
  4. Web based configuration (no coding required to configure).  Everything about the StoreFront configuration is accomplished through an easy to use web interface.  All the functionality of the theme can be configured without writing any programming code.
  5. Preview changes before making them live.  Install a new theme or make modifications to an existing theme and preview them before making theme live to customers.
  6. Powerful integrated search.  For large sites, search is the most important feature.  StoreFronts has one of the most sophisticated search engines available.  The entire configuration and tuning is exposed to the merchant via an easy to use web interface.
  7. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) at every level.  Templates are coded to automatically provide appropriate SEO information at every page level within your site.  Configuring the various details like meta keywords is as simple as filling out a text field.  Google and Bind are going to love you!
  8. Built in social site integration.  Connect with your fans on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. by simply filling in your social URLs and checking a box.  
  9. Easy to configure conversion tracking.  With integrated support for Google Analytics, Google Adwords, and lots of other popular platforms, configuring these tracking systems is as simple as pasting in an account number.
  10. Amazing Developer Tools.  StoreFronts works with the developer, not against them.  A unified file system that is available via web interface or FTP with complete version history.  Quickly clone themes, make modifications, test them, and then make them live without impacting customers.


  • Store Locator - Expose your clients to all of your physical stores or dealers on your website.
  • Blog - Show off your writing skills and introduce customers to new products with our integrated blog feature.