Reordering a menu


This document will explain how to reorder the selection of the menu to your storefront. 

Step 1 - Accessing the "Menus" section of the Storefront

Click on 'Menus':

Upon clicking on 'Menus', the menus to your storefront will appear to the right of the storefronts menu:

Step 2 - Reordering Menu Selections

You can reorder each of the menu choices by clicking on the particular menu choice then dragging it to the place in the menu you wish for it to appear.

So, for example, if you have a lot of wholesale customer and decide the menu should display the wholesale signup at the top of the "Account" menu, you would point your cursor at the "Wholesale Signup" then while clicking on it drag it to the top  of the "Account" Menu:

Here's how it will look after we have reordered the menu to have "Wholesale Signup" as the first menu choice: