Bing Ads with UET tags - A guide

Common Pitfalls

  • Bing Ads will not activate until you fund your account have an active campaign.  There is no test environment.
  • The conversion may take a long time to record in the Bing Ads Campaign Manager.  A really long time.  We've seen conversions take  6+ hours to post.
  • You cannot just pull up your site and click a few pages hoping to see activity on your Bing UET tag.  You must create an ad, trigger it, click on the ad, and then place a test order on your site.


What you will need

Configuring Bing Ads to run in UltraCart

If you already have existing Bing Ads campaigns running and you already have a UET tag, configuring it to run with UltraCart is relatively simple.

  • Login to
  • Navigate to Home → StoreFronts → (choose your StoreFront) → Conversion Tracking tab → Other tab.

  • Near the top will be the Bing UET section.  Enter your Bing UET tag id into the field and click Save at the bottom.


  • The conversion will take place on this page: /checkout/  From within the Bing Ads Campaign screen, You may set up a conversion using the following goal details:
    • Desintation URL: "Contains" ""
    • Revenue value: "The value of this conversion action may vary (for instance, by purchase price)