Using Conditions to automatically assign products to a group page


This document will detail the following:

  • Assigning products to a group page automatically creates product pages
  • The types of conditions that can be configured
  • Is there a limit to the number of product pages? 


Here are the steps for configuring a page with automatic product assignment to a group page:

  1. From the StoreFronts Menu, click on "Pages":

  2. Next, scroll down the list of pages to the one which you wish to edit the product assignment:

  3. After clicking the  edit button, click the "items tab to access the items configuration:

  4. On the Items tab, select the radio button for "Automatically Based on Conditions" for the item assignment:

    1. Upon selecting the "Automatically based on Conditions" you'll see a "Conditions section appear with a drop down menu for selecting the particular condition for item inclusion:


      Assignment ConditionDetails
      Item With Retail Cost Between 
      Item With Manufacturer Name 
      Item With Attribute Named 
      Child Item of Variation Named 
      Not a Child Items of a Variation 
      Has an Exploded Diagram 
      Sales Item 
      Item Folder 
      Item Folder and all sub folders 




  5. After choosing a new item assignment condition in the drop down menu, click the save and preview item matches button. 

  6. For this example we set the assignment condition to "Item with Retail Cost Between" with the cost range: from 0 to 1000:

  7. Here is the view of the page after the item assignment has been saved: