Guidelines For Size And File Types For Item Images

For best results, the following file size and file formats, are recommended for your item images.

Recommended File Formats for Item Images

The following file formats are recommended:


  • GIF

  • PNG

If you have your item images in a different format, such as TIFF, you’ll need to convert them to one of the above formats prior to uploading into UltraCart.

For best results, the item images should be square, rather than rectangular, and the item images should also sampled to the same size.

Recommended File Sizes of Item Images

UltraCart automatically generates thumbnail images from your initial file upload. Therefore, it’s recommended that the source image for an item to be in the 1-2MP range with the the largest recommended initial file size for an item image to be 9Megapixels.

A 4k monitor has a maximum resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels which is 8.2MP of content. Uploading images that are larger than 9 megapixels will result in:

  1. Wasting storage space,

  2. Wasting bandwidth,

  3. Will result in the thumbnail generating process to take longer to complete.


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