Setting up DHL


Two different APIs - Which do you need?

  1. DHL Express - Requires a Site ID and Password. See the instructions in green below.

  2. DHL eCommerce - Requires a Client ID and Client Secret. Contact your DHL eCommerce representative to obtain these.

DHL Express Shipping Methods


  • EXPRESS 9:00

  • EXPRESS 10:30

  • EXPRESS 12:00



DHL eCommerce Shipping Methods

  • Domestic

    • DHL SmartMail Parcel

    • DHL SmartMail Parcel Plus

    • DHL SmartMail Parcel Return

    • DHL SmartMail Bound Printed Matter

    • DHL SmartMail Flats

  • International

    • DHL Parcel International

    • DHL Parcel International Standard

    • DHL Parcel International Direct


First things first, you’ll need a Site ID and Password from DHL Express. Here are their instructions:

Each UltraCart user will need their own credentials.

To obtain credentials to access the DHL Express XML PI web service, registration on our XML Portal is required:

Once the registration is complete, the test credentials will provided. Once approved, production credentials will be provided by the next business day. Please request that the user enter "UltraCart" in the field marked "Describe the application and business process where XML Services will be used.”

Setting up DHL requires six major steps

  1. Get a DHL Express Site ID and Password. See the green instructions above.

  2. Main shipping screens

  3. Enabling DHL shipping methods

  4. Distributor center specific screens (optional)

  5. Item screens

  6. Customer profile screens (optional)


Main Settings

The main DHL settings are found within the “Shipper Specific” settings. These are shipping settings specific to each carrier.

Navigate to the Shipper Specific Options (Tab)






Web Service Environment

production or test

Shipper Account Number

This account pays for normal shipping.

Billing Account Number

This account pays for freight charges.

Duty Account Number

This account pays for Duty charges. This field is required if Terms of Trade is DDP (seller pays)

Shipping Payment Type

Shipper, Recipient, or Third Party

Duty Payment Type

Shipper, Recipient, or Third Party

Use DHL Invoice

You should use DHL invoices unless you have special needs.

Use Paperless Trade

Unless you have a compelling reason, you should use Paperless Trade. This allows DHL to file customs invoices electronically.

Site ID

Each partner/customer is provided with the site id and password when creating an account with DHL.


Each partner/customer is provided with the site id and password when creating an account with DHL.

Sender Company


Sender Person Name


Sender Address Line 1


Sender Address Line 2


Sender City


Sender State


Sender Postal Code


Sender Country


Sender Phone Number


Sender Phone Extension (optional)


Sender Fax Number (optional)


Sender Telex (optional)


Sender Email (optional)


Terms of Trade

Two choices: Buyer pays or Seller pays.


An ITN number is only required for single commodity items over $2,500.


Label Size

Options are 6x4 and 8x4


Enabling DHL Shipping Methods

  1. Navigate to the Shipping Methods screen via the above route.

  2. Click the New Method button.

  3. Within the “All Shipping methods for” drop down box, select DHL.

  4. Click the Continue button.

Distributor Center Settings

Distributor Center settings are exactly the same as the main DHL settings. They allow a DC to have its own DHL specific information.

The DHL settings are contained on their own tab. Be aware, this tab is not displayed until DHL shipping methods are enabled (prior section).

Refer to the main section for field definitions.

Item Settings

The Customs information is located on the item editor screens within the Shipping tab (vertical) and the Customs Information tab (horizontal).





Country of Origin


Customs Form Description

75 characters maximum

Customs Value


HTS Commodity Code

(DHL Express strongly recommends supplying this to avoid customs delays)
See Harmonized Tariff Schedule for code reference

Customer Settings

The customer edit screen provides two additional fields to override settings on a per customer basis.

They are:

  • DHL Account Number

  • DHL Duty Account Number

If you wish a customer to use either of these during their purchase, just fill in those fields.