Payment Configuration


The payments configuration page is the location where you define the payment methods that will be available to your customers.

Basic View

The following screen shows the Payment Methods Configuration Screen (Basic) with no payment method configured.
Your first visit may or may not show certain Methods already selected by default.

Configuring one or more Payment Methods

Click the check box to the left of the payment method desired. That selection (Credit Card in this example) will then appear under the Methods Tab.  A special form will also appear for you to complete the configuration (shown below).  

The following screen shows the look after configuration of Credit Cards, Electronic Check and PayPal.  Notice that all three are listed under the Methods tab and will remain so unless you disable by removing the check mark from the check box.  To edit any setting, click the "edit" button to the right of the Payment Method.  

Payment Restrictions

You've probably noticed the "Restrictions" column heading on several of the previous screen shots.  If you haven't seen them on any of your actual screens it's because you need to have clicked the "Advanced" button in the upper right corner of your screen.  

This feature allows you to place payment restrictions on any particular payment method configured on your account.  Notice in the above screen shot each payment method has an "edit" button in the "Restrictions" column.   If you click the edit button for a payment method NOT configured (no check in the box), the following notice will appear: "Unable to load payment method settings".  Simple click the "back" button on your browser to return to the Payment Screen.

Clicking a configured Payment Method's "edit" button will display the Restriction settings.  

Most Payment Methods have the same options available which are:

  • Subtotal Restrictions
  • Destination Restrictions
  • Screen Branding Theme or Storefront Restrictions.


Subtotal Restrictions


Field Name


Minimum Subtotal

This is the minimum subtotal the customer will need to see this method as a payment option

Maximum Subtotal

This is the maximum subtotal the customer can have before this method is unavailable as a payment option


Destination Restrictions


Here you can select one of three options for each destination listed. Although you are dealing with payment methods, many merchants want to limit the countries (and even P.O. boxes) they accept payments for.


This section can appear confusing at first glance but will become more clear after you edit and place restrictions on a few of your payment methods. Some will recall this format during Shipping Configurations.


Screen Branding Restrictions


Here you can select one of three options for each screen branding or StoreFront. This section will allow those merchants with multiple screen branding themes or multiple StoreFronts to set if a payment method is valid or invalid for the set screen branding theme.

Once you've completed your settings, click the Save button.