Transaction Gateway Authorization Model


UltraCart supports 3 different authorization models: Auth and capture, Auth then capture, and Auth only. Different gateway providers support different transaction models so be sure to read the details provided for each authorization model. You can select the authorization model UltraCart will use for your account at the bottom of the Transaction Gateways screen.


Home → Configuration (Checkout) → Payments → Transaction Gateways → Toggle "On" The Advanced View> Then Scroll towards the bottom of the page below the list of integrated gateways to "Transaction Gateway Authorization Model"

When completed, click on the "Save" button. You will be returned Configuration Menu.

Important Message Regarding Authorization Models

While all gateways support the most common Authorization model configuration of "Auth and Catpure", not all gateways support all three authorization models! 

So, make sure to review the list of supported gateways first before configuring either "Auth Then Capture" or "Auth Only".

Auth and Capture

All gateways support the "Auth and Capture" authorization model.

Auth Then Capture

Only selected gateways support this more advanced authorization model. Please review the list of supported gateways provided below the configuration drop-down list fields before attempting to configure you account with this authorization model.

Auth Only

This authorization model is not recommended due to the fact that PCI compliance requires UltraCart to never display the credit card number details in our user interface, so using this option will be problematic because you'll be required to contact the customer to re-obtain the credit card details to perform the actual capture of an authorization.