UltraCart provides free integration to Infusionsoft to cascade Contacts, Orders/Invoices, and Shipping information.   This includes mapping order and shipping information to custom fields you may have configured in your Infusionsoft account.


To integrate Infusionsoft, Log into your account and then navigate:

Main Menu Configuration  Infusionsoft 

The configuration screen has excellent tooltips, so please visit the page and read each tooltip to configure your instance.

  • Your integration is tested upon saving.  If you have an invalid API Key or App Name, the page will let you know.
  • Please read the notes in the Product Mapping section carefully.  There are two ways to map products.
  • For order field mappings, we've only added the order fields requested by existing customers.  If you need additional ones, let us know.  We did this to keep things fast.


The Credentials section is where you will configure your Infusionsoft API key and App Name.

After configuring the API Key and App Name, select the "Enabled" checkbox to enable the integration.

Contact Creation

When an order is cascaded to Infusionsoft, a call to ContactService.appWithDupCheck is made to replicate customer information.

These settings govern that behavior:

Lead Source Field

This field can presently be set to "Coupon" or left Blank.

Need another field

Need a different field? contact support at

Create Lead SourceIf this checkbox field is selected, then a lead source will be created, if it doesn't exist.
Contact Tags

Enter a comma separated list of Group NAMES here.
When a contact is added, a call to ContactService.addToGroup() will be made for each group, effectively tagging the contact.

New Customer tag: the contact is tagged as a new customer if no other order in the order history contains the customers email address

Primary AddressYou can select either "Billing" or Shipping" address from the drop down menu.
Checkout Mailing ListIf this checkbox selected, then only send to Infusionsoft if customer checked Mailing List checkbox during their ultracart checkout.
Skip Order CreationSelect this checkbox if you do not have the Infusionsoft e-commerce component.
Action Set Idoptional integer. see ContactService.runActionSequence

Optional Settings

Order Creation

If you chose to use OrderService.placeOrder to cascade orders to Infusionsoft, you MUST keep your Infusionsoft account in test merchant mode or the order replication will fail.

There are two ways to cascade orders to Infusionsoft:

  1. OrderService.placeOrder
  2. InvoiceService.addBlankOrder

There are advantages to each. placeOrder allows promo code fields to be added correctly, but requires you to keep your Infusionsoft account in ***test merchant*** mode to avoid double charging customer cards. Note: if you choose placeOrder and accidentally change your Infusionsoft account, order replication will fail. The customer's card will NOT be charged twice. (NOTE: addBlankOrder method allows you to run your Infusionsoft account in any mode, but promo codes must go in notes fields.)

Infusionsoft Custom Order Field

This section allows you to map Infusionsoft custom order fields to the following UltraCart order fields:

  • Advertising Sources
  • CustomField1
  • CustomField2
  • CustomField3
  • CustomField4
  • CustomField5
  • CustomField6
  • CustomField7

Sales Rep Mapping

If an order contains a Sales Rep Code (usually this is supplied using the back office manual entry screen), and a matching User ID is found below, the Infusionsoft Contact record Owner ID field will be set to the given User ID. The user id must be a valid user in your Infusionsoft system. The User ID is an integer. If there is a Sales Rep Code associated with the UltraCart order and no match is found, a warning will be noted in the logs. 

Product Mapping

If a product mapping is not found during order replication, a search will be made in your InfusionsoftProduct table where ProductName = UltraCart Item ID (case sensitive). If that also returns no match, the item will not be cascaded to your system and an error will be noted in the logs here.

Product to Contact Tag Mapping

You may map UltraCart Item IDs to Infusionsoft Contact Tags (Groups) here. If a product is found to have a tag mapping, then any contact created will be assigned that tag.

Product to Action Mappings

You may map UltraCart Item IDs to Infusionsoft Action Sets (Campaigns) here. If a product is found to have a Action Set ID mapping, then that action set will be triggered for each product. 

Goal Achievement

If you use a Creation Method of InvoiceService.addBlankOrder, then the manual payment made during order synchronization will not trigger goal achievements within your campaign. As a workaround, you may modify your campaigns and include an API call to begin your campaigns. This API call is called via the Infusionsoft Funnel Service. This is an advanced operation. For help setting up a campaign to work with this, please contact Infusionsoft and ask for help creating a goal "that can be triggered by the FunnelService".

Shipping and Tracking

Infusionsoft does not have standard shipment tracking tables. However, it is popular with UltraCart merchants to cascade UltraCart shipping and tracking information into custom Order fields (InfusionsoftJob table).


At the top of your Infusionsoft configuration is a link to the Infusionsoft Logs.  Click that link to view the logs.

Review your logs often.  

The logs contain verbose information geared toward UltraCart support, but if you're receiving an error from Infusionsoft, it will be evident.   Do your best to remedy the issue, and contact UltraCart support if you cannot.

Any user who has "Edit Settings" permission will receive an email each time there's an error replicating an order to Infusionsoft. We limit this to one email per eight hours, but you will receive one each time there's an error.

  • Infusionsoft is known to have intermittent connection failure issues. We'll retry each replication numerous times, but you'll still get an email about it. We can't tell why the order replication failed.
  • There is no way to turn this off or disable it. Either fix your issue, contact us about our issue, or turn off your Infusionsoft integration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I was placing some test orders and noticed that the test orders were never transmitted to InfusionSoft, why?

A: The transmissions to InfusionSoft occur after the placed order has moved beyond the payment stage (the A/R department), so make sure that when you are testing that you either configure the test credit card to go to the shipping or completed stages or, if you use the "keep in A/R department" setting that you then go into the A/R and process the order there to send it to the shipping/completed stages. IF you still do not see the order details appearing in InfusionSoft, check the InfusionSoft log located at the bottom of the InfusionSoft configuration page in UltraCart.