Integration Guide



 UltraCart is pleased offer complete two-way integration with the CRM platform. With this integration, you may incorporate UltraCart actions into your existing CRM workflows & processes, as well as communicate events from to UltraCart, allowing your organization to harness the e-commerce power of UltraCart through a familiar interface.

Available Features

  • Product Synchronization
  • Customer Profile Synchronization
  • Create Opportunities for Orders
  • Send new/changed products from UltraCart to
  • Apply changes made to products in to UltraCart
  • Create Person Accounts for Affiliates
  • Send Refunds to
  • Send Auto-Order Notifications to


To begin, you will need the following:

  • An active UltraCart account
  • Enterprise or Unlimited
  • The user name, password, and security token for the user UltraCart will use to connect to your instance. Developer accounts will work for testing, but are not supported by for production use.


You must have a Enterprise Edition account for production API access.  You can not connect a trial account to UltraCart.

Salesforce Integration Companies

If you're new to Salesforce and would like to hire a consultant that is familiar with developer and UltraCart integrations then consider contacting:

Tech Guys Who Get Marketing 372-8823

An integration consult can help you write the Salesforce workflow automation logic that you need to implement your company's vision for sales dominance.

Next Step: Retrieve your security token

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