Receiving Email Notifications of Orders

Receiving Email Notifications of Orders


There are users and other certain people that need to receive Order Information via email.  These emails are referred to as "Email Notifications" and they basically provide critical information to help users efficiently process their orders. there are two categories; Shippers and Users.

This tutorial will show you the proper way to configure these two different categories of Email Notifications.


There are several different methods for Shippers to receive order information from Merchants. Sending notifications via email is typically used by merchants that handling shipping "in house" and/or your fulfillment center has reasons to prefer them that way.  UltraCart allows you to configure it either way and some merchants configure both.  

Our use of "in house" doesn't necessarily mean your shipper is in the same building although that is often the case. Even if they are in the room next to they are your Distribution Center and they may require order information transmitted to them via email.  This type of email notification of orders is configured in the Shipping Section under Transmission Mechanism.

it's important to setup your system properly so that orders are transmitted on a scheduled basis so not to build up within the UltraCart system. Lets take a look at where and how to configure your Transmission Mechanism.

Transmission Mechanism

First you'll need to login to your account and navigate to:

Main Menu Configuration Checkout Shipping → Distribution Center (tab)

At this location you'll  see a Distribution Center already listed for you with "default" as the code.  Click the Edit Button so you can enter your DC information.

Your screen will now look like the following.  

Edit your Distribution Center information.   The Latitude and Longitude coordinates will fill in (later) automatically based on your edits.  

While still on the same screen, click on "Transmission Mechanism" tab.  If you clicked on Save after completing the above, you'll need to click on the Edit button again and then click the "Transmission Mechanism" tab. The screen should now list all Transmission Mechanism's. The list is very, very long so we removed the middle section in the following screen shot to save space. Click on the Radio Button for Email (SMTP), complete the fields and click SAVE.

Below is a description of all the fields on this transmission mechanism that you may want to configure.




Company Name

The name of the company that is doing the shipping. This may be a vendor or a third party logistics company.



The email address to send the orders to.


CC Email

Email address to copy the orders to. You can specify more than one CC email address by separating them with commas.

Max Orders Per Email

If you have a large order volume you may need to break the batches into several emails. A good idea would be to batch the orders into 100 orders per email.

Generic Two Way for USPS

Allows the fulfillment house to send back tracking information on the orders.

Remove Bill to Address

Strips the bill to address information from the order. This is useful if you are using a drop ship scenario.

Hide Price Information

Set this to yes if you want to hide the price information from the shipper. This can be useful in a drop ship scenario.

Introduction Text

A Block of free form text that is displayed at the beginning of the email. This is a good place to put instructions to the shipper on how to handle your batch of orders.

Post Script Text

A Block of free form text that is displayed at the end of the email. This is a good place to put final instructions to the shipper.

Transmission Schedule(s)

After you have configured the transmission mechanism it is a good idea to configure a time schedule for the email batches to transmit. To do this navigate:

Main MenuConfiguration → Checkout → Shipping → Distribution Center (tab) → (edit button)

Next click on the "Transmission Schedules" tab. Then in the next screen click the "New Schedule" button.

You can choose the time of day (EST time zone) and the days of the week to send the transmissions. In this example we are sending a batch at 8AM EST, Monday through Friday.  Click the SAVE button when finished.

You can configure more than one transmission schedule. We recommend contacting your shipper and find out what their cut-off times are for the day and setting the transmission time to one hour before that.


You can configure Email Notifications to be sent to any of the users on your account.  The proper way to configure this is at each individual users profile :

Main Menu Configuration Users [edit]

Once you are on the Users screen you'll see two columns divided by sections.  Scroll down the right column to the "Email Notifications" section. The following screen shot highlights the settings involving order notification. In addition to receiving an email notification, there are check boxes to include a copy of the order.

Below is a description of the most typical usage.


When to Use

Order Needs Shipping

To notify a shipping department of an order. The user should log into UltraCart, go to the Shipping Department, and process the order there. They should not work on the order details included in the email.

Order Placed

This is a notification for every single order that goes through the account. This is the finger on the pulse notification.

Process Credit Card Payment

This notification is sent when an order goes into Accounts Receivable. The merchant should login, go to Accounts Receivable, and process the credit card payment.

Process PayPal Payment

If a PayPal notification comes in for an order and does not match the order details, this notification is sent out to the user. The user would need to review the payment notification details and contact the user to straighten out the payment.

Quotation Request

When a customer requests a quote, this notification is sent to the user. The user should login to UltraCart, go to the Quotation Requests section, modify the order pricing, and send out the quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

I did not receive email notifications from UltraCart. Why?

Your email client may be capturing the email notification as spam. (And, in some instances, your ISP mail have spam folder at the server level that you may need to check).

All notification e-mails are signed using DomainKeys, so if your server supports DomainKey verification, you should enable that feature.  You can read more about DomainKeys at Wikipedia.

Add these addresses to your email spam filter rules:

Expired Card Reminder -
Auto Order -
Accounts Receivable -
Billing Reminder -
Shipment Notification -
Customer Receipt -
Customer Reminder -
Digital Delivery Notification -
Donation Receipts -
Placed Order Notification -
Statistics -
Shipping Department -
Fulfillment Transmission -
Wholesale Signup -

Additionally, UltraCart publishes "SPF" records for e-mail verification. If your e-mail client has the ability to verify SPF records, you should enable this option for e-mail addresses.