KLAVIYO email marketing


Klaviyo is a popular email marketing service that is integrated with UltraCart. This document will take you through the simple and quick integration steps.

Sign up with Klaviyo

If you haven't already done so, go to Klaviyo and sign up here. and follow the next few screen instructions.

If you've already completed signup at Klaviyo then click here.

At this first KLAVIYO screen, scroll to the very bottom and enter your email.

At the next screen complete the following fields and click the sign up. Oops, don't forget the Terms and Privacy Policy.

Once you've successfully completed the sign up, obtain your Private API Key from Klaviyo under Account > Settings > API keys.

Make sure it's the PRIVATE key

You'll see both a public and private key, you'll only need the PRIVATE key for the integration process with UltraCart.

Configure your Klaviyo API Key at UltraCart

Return to UltraCart and navigate to:

Main Menu → Operations → Marketing 3rd Party Autoresponders Klaviyo

Once at the Klaviyo screen, enter your API Key and click Save.

Make sure it's the PRIVATE key

You'll see both a public and private key, you'll only need the PRIVATE key for the integration process with UltraCart.

Additional Integration Settings

After the API Key has been successfully saved, additional configuration settings will appear:

Field NameDescription
Send Regular Events

Send Regular Events = Send basic e-commerce events about what was purchased.

Learn more about Klaviyo Events

Send Return Cart EventsSend Return Cart Events = Trigger an event for a return cart.
Item Thumbnail SizeUltraCart sends over the item thumbanil for display in their outgoing email.
Trigger return cart event after __ hoursDetermines when the return cart event is triggered.  If you want to use Klaviyo to use emails to get people to return, make sure to configure this field to at least 1 hour.
Abandon cart after ___ hoursDetermines when the an idle shopping cart is abandoned.  This is when the cart is purged from the database.  Make sure this is several days.  We recommend 72 hours if you're doing return cart emails.

Subscribing your Email Lists

After configuring and saving the API Key UltraCart will perform a validation of the API Key and upon successful validation of the API UltraCart will retrieve the configured email lists in Klaviyo and will display them in the #3 section of the configuration page:

Update this section in UltraCart to update or change which lists a customer should automatically be subscribed to upon making their purchase.  Please note that you can only subscribe customers to lists and not segments.

Subscribing Customer to an Email List Based on Specific Item Purchase

Conversion Pixel Configuration

Navigate to Storefront host, then click on the "Conversion and Tracking" tab in the storefront menu, then click on the "Other" tab and scroll down towards the bottom of the page to the Klaviyo section:

  1. Enter your "site ID".  You can find the Site ID inside your Klaviyo account under Settings → API Key as shown in the screenshot below.

    Do NOT put your private key into the site ID field and expose your key to the entire world. If you're tracking is not working make sure you have the proper value.

  2. Optionally configure the "Opt in to" by selecting one of the following  "[Statistics / Preferences / Marketing]" from the drop-down list AND then select one of the three options "[All Customers / EAA Customers / Non-US Customers]" for the "Required for" drop-down list.
  3. Click the save button to save the changes:

Having Klaviyo Send Return Cart Emails

Make sure that you have configured the following three settings in a similar fashion:

Then inside of your Klaviyo account you will need to create a flow that looks like this:

inside of your email template you will want to provide the customer a link to return to their cart.  Make sure to use:

Value for Return Link
{{ event.ReturnLinkLong }}

Reviewing the Transmission Log

You can review the transmissions to Klaviyo by scrolling to the bottom of the page, you'll find the Log button next to the save button.