Report Delivery

Configuring Report Delivery Settings

UltraCart can automatically e-mail you an executive summary of your UltraCart order traffic on a periodic basis.


You can choose to have the report e-mailed to you every specified day count (i.e., every 5 days, every 10 days, etc.), semi-monthly, or monthly. When you have made your delivery selection, press "Save" to process your selection.

Affect on Current Period Sales dates

This configuration will also affect the date range used at "Current Period Sales" report, in the reporting page.

IntervalHow it affects the date range of the Current Period Sales report
every _x_ days
  • If other than 1 day, the current period report will show the date range interval specified.
  • IF set to the default 1 day setting, then the current period date range will be month-to-date.
  • Will show either 1st to 15th for the month OR
  • will show 16th (or current date beyond that) to end of month (28th - 31st depending on month)
monthlyWill show the end of the month. It ill initially advance to the end for the following month, then sync to the month from there forward.

Projected Sales

Projected sales is an estimate based on the sales during the period projected into the next period.