Creating a Make an Offer Option for Customers

Creating a make an offer option for customers is currently a alpha feature. Before you begin, please contact UltraCart Support and request that this functionality be enabled on your account.

To make it possible for an item to accept an offer during the checkout, the arbitrary unit cost functionality for the item needs to be configured and a minimum specified as shown below.

Next, on your StoreFront you will need to add some content to the item form which includes a:

  • row

    • label

      • itemarbitraryunitcost

These elements need to be under the “itemform” element on the page. For your convenience, the following CJSON file can be uploaded which contains the structure for this.

When the customer makes an offer and checks out there are some limitations:

  • Only credit cards are supposed as a payment method

  • The payment will not be processed in real-time during the checkout

The order will drop into your Accounts Receivable with a merchant note on it specifying which item contained the offer. If the merchant wants to except the offer, they can process the payment. If they haggle on the price with the merchant over phone/email they can edit the item price before processing the payment.