Mr Teas - Adjusting the Home Slider Settings

The Mr Teas theme has a home slider which has a few settings.  Notice we went to the Pages section of StoreFronts, clicked the edit button for the home page, and then clicked on the Content tab. From Here we need to click on the "Setting" button within the Slider Section as shown below.

Required theme version v.24 or later

The "home slide autoplay speed" setting appears in version .24 and later of the Mr.Tea's Theme.

After clicking on setting a popup will display on the page that allows you to make changes to the slider setting.

Auto PlayIf checked, the slider automatically plays as the user stays on the page.
Auto Play SpeedIf auto play is enabled, this is the number of milliseconds that each slide displays for. 1000 milliseconds = 1 seconds. The default is 2000 milliseconds (2 seconds).
Cover ModeThis allows the image to stretch to fit into the slider.

After Making your changes simply click "Save" and then also Click "Save" on the Home page to save these changes.