Settings tab of Affiliate Management

Settings - Affiliate Management






The name of your program. This is displayed on the affiliate's dashboard and should be something appropriate for them to read. An example would be "XYZ Product Bonus Program"



A brief description of your program. This field is currently not used, but may be used by UltraCart in the future if an affiliate network is launched.


These options control the behavior of the signup process.





The terms and conditions of your affiliate program that the affiliate must agree to during the signup. If is important that you cover issues like commissions, payout terms, acceptable marketing methods, and fraud within your terms and conditions.


Welcome Letter

This is the email sent to the affiliate once their signup has been approved.


Automatically approve signups

If this is checked, all signups are automatically approved and can begin marketing your product. Merchants typically weed out unfavorable merchants after the fact if they use this option.

Required Captcha

Requires the user to complete a word captcha on the signup (type of the letters of two words by looking at a picture). This prevents automated signups by fraudulent marketing bots. It is a good idea to enable the captcha option if you are automatically approving signups.

Storefronts Captcha Configuration

To configure the Captcha for use with a storefront configuration, navigate to the "Advanced" tab of the storefront menu:

You'll configure the google Captcha site key and secret key here. 


If valid site and secret keys are provided, 
Google reCAPTCHA will secure the following pages:

  • Contact Us
  • Affiliate Sign up

For more regarding the storefronts captcha configuration, please see the following help doc:  StoreFront Advanced Screen#reCAPTCHA 


Warning: reCAPTCHA was introduced to StoreFronts in April, 2016. Please be sure you have a recent theme version that supports reCAPTCHA, before configuring it. If you fail to do so, you will break the pages listed above. Please be sure to test your screens after supplying keys.

Multiple Tiers

UltraCart provides a multi-tiered affiliate systems. Not only are your affiliates rewarded for sending direct sales to your website, but they also get rewarded for encouraging sales by adding affiliates in their tier. If you decide to allow multiple tiers, you'll need to (in this section) indicate the number of tiers, whether they must be Approved Affiliates or not, establish your Multiple Tier Program Name, and create your agreement.

Make certain you have a good understanding of the economics of this feature. It basically allows you to establish "multi-level" tiers of affiliates.
For example, a single Downline Tier would allow your affiliate named John to be able to recruit another affiliate (say Bill) to promote and sell your product. Keep in mind that both John and Bill would receive commissions. Few merchants utilize the downline feature. We recommend you enter "0" (zero) since this feature can have substantial economic consequences.




Number of Downline Tiers

The number of downline tiers to allow within the program. Most merchants do not utilize a multi-level affiliate program strategy.

Downline Tier 1, 2, 3, etc.

When instituting a multi-tier affiliate system, the "Affiliate Commission" is the commission amount paid to the affiliate that actually made the sale. The "Downline Tier 1" would be the top level affiliate the recruited affiliates under them, and "Downline 2" would represent the next level affiliate under the "Downline Tier 1" that recruited the affiliate that made the sale, if applicable.

While the Affiliate system does not have a hard cap on the number of tiers, practically speaking, going much higher than 3 tiers will be an issue since you will need to spread out the commissions among the available tiers.

Y - Recommend 0

Approved Affiliates Only

If this box is checked, only those merchants that have been approved can recruit downline affiliates.

Multiple Tier Program Name

Some merchants want to call their multi-tier program by a unique name (for example XYZ Product Virtual Campaign).


The agreement that the affiliate must consent to in order to participate in the multiple tier program.

Last Updated

The date that the multiple tier agreement was last updated. When you change the agreement you can enter today's date and it will require all affiliates to click through the new agreement when they sign in to their account.

Link Options and Customer Tracking

This section controls everything regarding the tracking of the customer.




Affiliate Cookie Lifetime (days)

If someone clicks an affiliate link, a cookie is recorded on their system. The "Cookie Lifetime" will determine how long (in days) that cookie will remain in effect. Let's say you have entered 30 into this field. If the customer makes a purchase within 30 days of the original "click" on the link, the affiliate will get credit (commission) for the sale. It's important to insure that your affiliates understand the cookie lifetime. Enter the number of days that you want to allow the life of the cookie to be. The number you chose will depend on your business model. We have seen numbers as low as 15 and as high as 90. Typically, we see a 30 day cookie lifetime. Enter 999 to set the cookie to never expire.


Allow Google Adwords Tracking by Default

If you want to let all your affiliates place Google Adwords tracking conversion pixels into the receipt, check this box. We do not recommend enabling this option unless you are operating a closed affiliate program that is invite only.

Allow Yahoo Search Tracking by Default

If you want to let all your affiliates place Yahoo tracking conversion pixels into the receipt, check this box. We do not recommend enabling this option unless you are operating a closed affiliate program that is invite only.

No Simple Link on Affiliate Dashboard

This will remove the simple link from the affiliates dashboard and force the affiliate to create their links using the Manage Links section off their dashboard. This option is typically checked if you want to force the affiliate to use certain marking graphics.

Associate Affiliate with Customer Profile

If this option is checked then the affiliate will be associated with the customer profile that the customer signs up with. When the customer places repeat orders with their customer profile the affiliate will receive credit automatically regardless of the cookie being present on their browser.

The affiliate will only be associated with new customer profiles created by the customer's first order.  If the profile has already been established then the affiliate will not be associated with the profile.

Allow Customer to Enter Affiliate ID During Checkout

If this is checked, a field for the customer to enter an affiliate ID number will display during the checkout. We do not recommend enabling this feature as it will confuse some customers.

Prevent Cookie Stomping

If this option is selected then the first affiliate to cookie the customer will receive credit. If this option is not selected then the last affiliate to cookie the customer will receive credit.

Track affiliate even if no commission earnedWhen this option is checked, UltraCart will track ledger records for every single item on the order even if no commission is earned.  This can be useful for traffic tracking and free trial offers.

Payment Options

Here you configure how your affiliates will be paid.




Auto Approve Commissions

If this option is selected, all commissions will be approved automatically. You can still use the fraud detection tool on the reporting menu to find fraudulent transaction and reject them before issuing payment.

Be aware that orders that are "auto approved" will still show "pending" status for orders residing in the "Pre-orders" and "Accounts Receivables" departments, but the "pending" status will update to "Approved" once the order moves beyond the payment processing stage.

Hide Pending CommissionsIf checked, affiliates will not see pending commissions associated with orders that are in Accounts Receivable awaiting a successful payment to take place.

Pay Commissions on Auto Orders

If checked the affiliate will receive commissions on all the recurring auto orders that take place for the customer.

Pay Commissions on Repeat Orders by Email

When checked, the system will look to see if the email address used on an order has placed a previous order. If so, the same affiliate will receive credit on the new order regardless of whether the cookie is present on the customers browser.

Be aware that if a customer uses an affiliate link from another affiliate, then this affiliate will be given credit for this order rather then using the affiliate the email is assigned .

Pay Commissions on Day of Month

When configured, this allows UltraCart to tell the affiliate when the next commission payment should take place.


Allow Payment via PayPal

When checked, UltraCart allows the affiliate to specify the email for their PayPal account. The merchant can then pay the affiliate via PayPal's MassPay electronically. We recommend this option.

Paying affiliates via PayPal requires that you have PayPal configured under Main Menu Configuration Payments


Require Payment via PayPal

When selected, all affiliates will be required to specify a PayPal email address to receive their commission payments. Paying affiliates with PayPal MassPay is the easiest way to send commission payments. If you are not familiar with PayPal MassPay we recommend checking it out.


Reverse Commissions on Refunded Orders

If checked, when a refund occurs in UltraCart the commissions paid on the order will automatically be refunded.

Automatic Enrollment

If you want to try and create a viral affiliate program you can enroll customers into your affiliate program after they purchase.




Enroll customers as affiliates

While not recommended, this option allows you to enroll all of your customers as affiliates to try and create a viral marketing program.

Enroll customers as downline affiliates

When selected the customer is enrolled as a downline affiliate of the affiliate that caused them to order in the first place. This helps create the multilevel viral nature of the program.

Automatic Enrollment Letter

This email is sent to the customer after they are enrolled into the program. Make sure to use the [affiliateid] and [password] tokens in your email.

The system will generate a unique code for the Automatic Enrollment

Other Options




Subscribe Affiliates to LyrisHQ

If you are using LyrisHQ 3rd party autoresponder with your UltraCart account you can subscribe the affiliate to a particular list.

Allow Affiliates to Change SSN / Tax ID

If checked the affiliate can change their SSN / Tax Id after they signup

Not Recommend

Make Affiliates Inactive After

If the affiliate doesn't generate a commissioned sale in this time period their affiliate will be disabled.


Show Customer Name to Affiliates

When this box is checked, the buyer's first and last name will appear on the complete transactions and commission analysis reports that are available to the affiliate.

Not Recommended

Default Email Notification Schedule

When this setting is set to any option other than none, the affiliate is sent an email notification providing details of sales that have been attributed to them during that interval (the drop down selections are: NONE, EACH (ORDER), DAILY, WEEKLY, MONTHLY.

Your Preference

Dashboard News

Here you will be able to enter a snippet of HTML code that will be displayed with the affiliate's dashboard. You can toggle the WYSIWYG editor by clicking the link shown below.